Municipal Report: Trees still a concern in Elverson

Council Member Shirley Crehan said she has been following the concern over conditions of some trees in the Boroughthat have been negatively affected by an herbicide called Imprelis. Imprelis, manufactured by DuPont, is not being used in the United States anymore. She noted there are 12 trees which have died, and for which compensation is requested, in the Parkside area of Elverson. There are other trees which need special maintenance.

“There is also a note of compensation for ‘pain and suffering’,” she explained. “They do not want a landscaper working on the trees who is not familiar with Imprelis damage.”

The reimbursement funds come from an office specially created to deal with Imprelis generated problems.

Emergency Management Coordinator H. Barclay Hargreaves said he recently attended a seminar about National Incident Management Training that was arranged by the Chester County Commissioners. The program provided directives for the responsibilities of elected officials and the responsibilities of managers.


“We plan to get it going in the first quarter of 2012,” he said. He added that municipalities need to be prepared for storms such as the recent hurricane.

Lt. Erin Magee of the Pennsylvania State Police was present to introduce himself as the new Station Commander at Embreeville.

“We need a consistent way of providing information to residents about trash pick-up in the case of severe storms,” said Crehan. Borough Secretary/Treasurer Lorrie Stolz offered the suggestion that such information should be provided on the Borough web site, by phone, or by other means, as it is better to let residents know if there is a glitch in trash pick-up.

Stoltzfus said Elverson had about six inches of rain from Hurricane Sandy. A resident living near Springfield Village is concerned about the location of a swale near the back of his property. Stoltzfus asked Borough Engineer Mark Stabolopscy to get in touch with the property owner to look for a solution to storm water runoff.

Council Member Bob Boderick said that after the storm he took a walk around the borough and believes that the storm drains seemed to be taking all of the storm water to the right place.

The Historical Commission is planning to get banners o place along Main Street in the Historical District, said Council Member Esther Prosser. She stated that the banners also tend to slow traffic.

“It is too late in the year for a clean-up at Quakerside on Park Ave,” said Stabolopscy. “The developer is bankrupt and the location (is in poor shape). He received a letter that a crew was going to clean up the site.”

An ordinance was passed to allow the fire company to bill an insurance company for expenses incurred for cleaning up such things as environmental hazards, safety related costs and rescue in the case of an accident. Stoltzfus said the volunteer fire company has the right to bill for those services. He mentioned the recent fire at the Morgan Corporation where some vehicles ran over fire hoses and ruined them. Currently, approximately two-thirds of their budget comes from municipal contributions. Tim McEwen, member of Council and Twin Valley Fire Department volunteer, said that now they use foam (when possible) to extinguish fires, as it does not result in water damage.

Prosser said the Farmers Market will be open at the Pavilion during November and December.

We have found a means through Service Electric to change the messages on out sign along Route 23 said Crehan. The wireless connection from Stolz’s computer will cost about $1340. Stoltzfus was surprised at the low cost. He thanked Crehan for the research into the solution.

An application for a grant was submitted in October to help pay the cost to update the Comprehensive Plan. Other costs will be included in the budget for 2013.

There is a conceptual sketch plan for an enlargement of the sanctuary and improvements for the parking area at Elverson Congregational Free Church along Brick Lane, said Stoltzfus.

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