Boyertown's own American picker: Kevin Zimmers

Kevin Zimmers in front of The State Theatre of Boyertown on Nov. 12.
TIMES PHOTO BY REBECCA BLANCHARD Kevin Zimmers in front of The State Theatre of Boyertown on Nov. 12.

Boyertown’s own Kevin Zimmers took to the stage and to the big screen on Monday, Nov. 12, surrounded by his friends and family for the premier airing of the American Pickers episode featuring his collection.

With 258 attendees—every seat in The State Theatre of Boyertown was filled to view the long-awaited episode.

Several months back, The American Pickers themselves, Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe, came to Boyertown to spend the better part of Wednesday, April 25, sifting through Zimmers’ warehouse and the Zimmers’ Pets’ storefront for good pickings.

“This was a very special thing, and I’m very appreciative. I shook everyone’s hand on the way in and everyone’s hand on the way out.”


Mike’s grand pick from Zimmers’ collection: Amazing Fantasy #15, better known to comic book collectors as the first appearance of Spider-Man.

Prior to their pick, Zimmers said he was confident that Frank and Mike would be interested in buying the comic.

Frank and Mike noted in the episode that they’ve never picked a pet shop before.

Zimmers has a total of 12 trailers in addition to his storefront collection full of local and historical items. He began picking with his grandfather when he was 10-years-old.

“My grandfather told me when you buy something, make sure you like it because if you can’t sell it, you’ll be stuck with it,” Zimmers said.

Originally, the county was approached by The History Channel’s “American Pickers” with the hopes of finding treasure in Berks.

“I received an e-mail in March from Michelle Kircher, commissioner Mark Scott’s executive assistant, saying that ‘American Pickers’ was coming to Berks County and she was looking for people for the show. I couldn’t think of anyone in particular so I asked my husband if he could think of anybody in the area. He immediately thought of Kevin Zimmers,” Gladieux said. “Bunk then talked to Kevin about it and Kevin said I could call him with details. A few days later, I did just that - we had a brief conversation and he gave me his permission to pass his name along to Michelle.”

Zimmers’ brought Lynn Gladieux and her husband Bunk onto the stage Monday night to acknowledge their role in this small town excitement.

“Without them, this would not have happened,” Zimmers said. “This is an incredible thing.”

Zimmers rarely lets the public into his collection house. However, once a year during the Holiday Open House Tour, he opens his doors to the public. He also displayed his collection when he received Berks-Mont Newspapers’ Citizen of the Year distinction.