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Municipal Report: New Morgan Borough tries to control costs

By Tory Lingg , For Journal Register News Service

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Recently New Morgan Borough appealed the assessment on 500 acres that was designated as a borough park. The location is a clearing and a small picnic area on the western side of route 10 near the northern boundary of the borough. Borough Manager Carolyn Williams said the assessment has been lowered from $1,700,000 dollars to $1,600,000. She said that “it isn’t much but it helps.” The land will no longer be a park. Council authorized Attorney John Iannozzi to sign the court order on behalf of the Borough of New Morgan.
Williams said “we were hoping for some residential and industrial development and we have neither.”
Borough Council is also seeking some reimbursement for about $600,000 which had been spent on engineering in preparation on widening Route 10 while anticipating development.
The Host Municipality fees coming to the Borough from the Conestoga Landfill have dropped by 2/3 from what they had been, said Williams.
The Flood Plain Ordinance was approved. The proposed ordinance had already been approved by FEMA.
Borough office manager Kathy Finio died on September 26, 2012, after a seven month long battle with cancer. Finio, a very kind and outgoing person, was quick to provide information on plants from prior experience as a horticulturalist.
A four lot subdivision was approved for Lot 19, about ¼ mile north of Route 10 and bisected by Shiloh Road. There will be two lots on each side of Shiloh Road. Williams said the Southern Berks Land Company plans to build up to 200 modular homes on about 25 acres. Easements will be placed on a narrow cross-section spanning the lower 12 acres of the 36-acre parcel, making it free of development. The homes will be on small lots, mostly without basements. No time has been established for the development, said Williams.
A disaster emergency was declared on October 29 because of Hurricane Sandy. If there was any damage, FEMA would consider reimbursements.
Taxes may be raised, but hopefully only temporarily, said Williams. The taxes at present are 2.9887 mils. There are 18 residents living in the borough. The budget for 2013 will likely be adopted at the December 11 meeting.