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Municipal Report: Honey Brook Library among the topics in West Nantmeal

By Tory Lingg , For Journal Register News Service

Friday, November 16, 2012

Michael Green, President of the Honey Brook Library and representative from West Nantmeal to the Library Board of Trustees, gave an update of activities at the Nov.12 meeting.
A building loan will be paid off this December. As a result of recent legislation through Act 73, the library will lose about 20 percent of its income. The Library will no longer get a sizable donation of about $24,000 annually from the Lanchester Landfill. Donations of only $1000 are permitted to the library from such entities as the Landfill because of recent legislation. About 506 residents of West Nantmeal have library cards to the Chester County Library System. About 100 of them identify the Honey Brook Library as their home library. Computers are provided for public use. Photocopying and faxing services are provided.
The library provides services for retirement communities and mobile home communities. The library coordinates its programs with local schools to offset costs. There are programs for children of different age groups. Special programs are held over the summer to keep kids interested in learning and to retain what they have learned. There is a Lego Club and a Math Club and programs for young adults. About 78,000 items circulated in 2011. The library keeps up with what is “hot” such as Star Wars related topics. About 134 people use the library a day, up from 100 in 2011.
The Honey Brook Community Library makes the best use of available space.
“They are doing more with less” said Green.
The 50th Anniversary will be celebrated soon. A path to the Honey Brook Elementary School is being planned.
H. Barclay Hargreaves was appointed Emergency Management Coordinator. He will replace Tim Campbell who passed away suddenly in September. Hurricane Sandy battered the area from October 28 -30 with 5.2 inches of rain and 45 mph winds. A declaration of emergency was issued for West Nantmeal, and emergency status in Chester County was disbanded after 68 hours. PECO, PP&L, The Department of Health and the Red Cross were on alert. There were shelters at Lionville and Avondale. Communications were good. There was minimal damage in West Nantmeal, said Hargreaves.
Hargreaves added that at some point in time in the beginning of 2013 he would like to have a local learning seminar to assemble a staff of local people to manage important posts in the case of severe storms or other emergencies.
A hearing was held on an intergovernmental cooperation agreement. A number of municipalities from Sadsbury to West Pikeland to West Nantmeal could join together to negotiate cheaper rates or prices for such things as cable service, line painting and the purchase of materials and supplies, said Township Attorney Kristin Camp. The committee would meet once a month. A final decision was not made as West Nantmeal will wait to see how other similar cooperatives develop.
The Salemwolfe plan for an area located near Little Conestoga Road was approved. There are several large lots of 5 acres or more.
Jay Algiers was appointed as Township Constable. Camp said each municipality has to have a constable to serve warrants. Algiers is a resident of West Nantmeal.
Zoning Officer Frank Newhams said he is trying to unravel a complaint about noise coming from the Fantana- Rosa property near Bollinger Road, where people have been sighting guns for the hunting season. Another separate a complaint was lodged about noise where stumps are being ground out at a property along Chestnut Tree Road towards Route 322, citing the noise as being the backup signal from a track hoe.
Cards with etchings of historic places of interest in West Nantmeal are being offered for sale by the Historical Society said Township Secretary/ Treasurer Susan Ward.
Lewis Mill Road from Creek Road to Wyebrook Road will be closed for 5 months in order to reconstruct a bridge over the east branch of the Brandywine Creek said Chairman Gary Elston.
A contract with the Chester County S.P.C.A. was approved. The cost to the township is $500.
We will be looking for a new member of the Planning Commission and a new Secretary said Elston. Dan Dierkseide will be resigning his position on the Planning Commission at the end of 2012. His wife has served as secretary.
Further discussion on the Brandywine Creek Greenway was tabled.
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