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Brandywine Minstrels set sail on the Toptanic

By Lisa Mitchell, The Kutztown Area Patriot

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Brandywine Minstrels set sail Nov. 2 to 11 for their maiden cruise of the Toptanic in their show “Bon Voyage”at Brandywine Heights High School. Proceeds benefit the BHHS art, athletic and music programs.
The show“portrayed the individual shenanigans of the Minstrel’s five Endmen and how they disguise themselves finagle their way as not to be caught as stow a-ways on the voyage,” said Director StevenSchwoyer.
Their cruise was nondescript. Setting sail from any harbor, the time period of the cruise took place from 1912 to current day. The ports they visitedwere undetermined as well as the antics of the five Endmen, Porkchop, Kapper, DJ, Mikey and Terry Bollinger, alias, Shorts.
The show retained the Minstrel format, an interlocutor served as the show’s host, Endmen delivered jokes and sang solos, a chorus remained on stage throughout the entire show, and featured vocalists and ensembles, live music provided by pianos, drum set, sting bass and other accompanying instruments and segments of the show centered around God and the USA, said Schwoyer.
“This format has been the basis of Minstrel shows since the 1800s. It is refreshing to see a community and surrounding area continue to unite presenting a production which is such a tradition within the Brandywine Heights School District,” said Schwoyer. “Furthermore, it is admirable for the group of performers you see in the show and those behind the scenes who volunteer their valuable time and talent to make a show like this possible.”