Ask Esther – After Signing the Contract

Dear Esther,

I had my home for sale for a few months and finally got a buyer. However, many things have made it hard after signing the contract – from the buyer’s demands for a quick settlement to costly inspection items. I was not prepared for this. Is this just part of selling?

Thank You,


Dear Seller,

I will be the last to tell you selling a home is easy. Preparing it to sell by cleaning, de-cluttering and many times updating it is hard work. Keeping it looking nice and ready for showings can also be stressful. After you’ve done this for a time, an interested buyer finally submits a 19 page contract. The contract usually has contingencies which provide a period of a few weeks to resolve inspections and financing. This contingency period is commonly a stressful time of uncertainty as issues are worked through.

You mentioned a few examples of difficult demands - buyers who need to settle quickly usually because of a job transfer or to coordinate settlement on their home and costly inspection items or things the buyers are requesting the sellers take care of as a result of the inspection report. These are good examples of items that make it more difficult for you. It is crunch time as you scramble to get movers and a place to move to while coordinating and paying for work on your house to satisfy the buyer.

Selling is usually not quick and easy in this market. Buyers are choosy and looking for deals. A good agent will take you through this step by step. Her job is to explain the process and answer your questions, feeling your pain along the way. She should put your interests above hers even if it means you don’t get to the settlement table.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Esther Prosser,

Stoltzfus Realtors


Disclaimer – Esther Prosser is a realtor with Stoltzfus Enterprises, LTD, which advertises with Journal Register Co. publications.