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‘Morgantown Mommies' Facebook group serves as great local resource

By Justin Finneran,, Journal Register News Service

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

While Facebook often receives criticism for being a website where people waste time, local moms have proven that it is not the website, but what you do with it, that matters.
With almost 300 members to its name, the Morgantown Mommies group on Facebook is a hotbed for discussions and networking for area moms. Created in August of 2011, the group has several sections to explore: the group wall, photo galleries (sharing the silly and sublime to the serious), an events section that serves as a calendar, and a files section which hosts for documents that moms share among one another.
The wall of the Facebook group, where moms post their thoughts, is by far the most active part of the group page. The Morgantown Mommies group often sees multiple daily posts from its members on a wide variety of topics such as business endorsements and requests for business references, searching for, selling and giving away all types of items, volunteerism opportunities and fundraisers, Q&A’s on upcoming events, and posts of links to news items and useful information.
Among the more active wall posts are the discussions and comments related to the goings-ons at the Twin Valley School District, with moms exchanging points and counterpoints about matters that have included the Twin Valley School District budget, school board meetings, class scheduling, and reading programs.
The group is also a place where moms who are new to the area can offer introductions, receive informative responses from fellow moms, and make new friends.
Morgantown Mommies members have also rallied the community in the face of adversity. In the heartbreaking incident earlier this year where a house fire claimed the life of Michelle Taylor, the Morgantown Mommies took action within the group’s page. Not only did the group share memories of Michelle, they also provided information to one another about donations and other ways of providing community support for the Taylor family.
Morgantown Mommies is an open Facebook group, meaning that anyone who has a Facebook account can find the group online, see the names of the members belonging to the group, and see the items shared through it. For those who want to participate in the group as a member, just request a membership by clicking on the ‘join group’ link in the right hand portion of the Morgantown Mommies page banner.
Find the Morgantown Mommies group of Facebook by searching Facebook for “Morgantown Mommies” or going to