Ask an Ag Student: How do I care for a real Christmas tree?


For many people, itís not Christmas without a real Christmas tree. Along with a real tree comes a lot of work. Luckily, there are many ways to prevent having more work and also to preserve the beauty of the tree.

First, when picking out a tree avoid picking a tree with large numbers of dead or browning needles. If a tree contains large numbers of dead needles, it means that it is past its prime and wonít last as long after being cut.

After getting the tree, put it immediately in water. If it is more than four hours after you have cut it, re-cut a quarter inch off the bottom prior to putting the tree in the stand. Also, make sure to cut the tree straight across, not at an angle or a v-shape. This way the tree will get ample amounts of water.

For the first fill of water in the stand, put warm water in. Be sure to check the water level every day to make sure there is an adequate amount and add as needed. It is advised to check the amount of water twice a day for about the first week, this is the time when the tree absorbs the most water.

As a safety precaution, make sure to display your tree away from heat sources. Also, refrain from spraying preservatives or fire retardants on your tree. Surprisingly, some of these substances actually increase the amount of moisture loss.

With all these tips your Christmas tree should last through out the holidays.

Kutztown FFA