Twin Valley alumnus pens Devotional and Prayer Diary

Twin Valley alumnus Gary Johnson's first book 'By the Grace of God, Devotional and Prayer Diary' is available on in print and e-book form. Image provided.
Twin Valley alumnus Gary Johnson's first book 'By the Grace of God, Devotional and Prayer Diary' is available on in print and e-book form. Image provided.

Gary Rodgers, is the author of By the Grace of God, Devotional and Prayer Diary which has just come out on, both in paperback and E-books. It is his first published book.

He said, “I never attended college or studied writing. I am led by prayerful inspiration and guided by the Holy Spirit as I write. The following is his life story as he tells it.

“As a child I grew up along Hopewell Road about three miles away from French Creek State Park. I went to Twin Valley High School in Elverson and from there to Vietnam in 1965.”

“On October 30, 1978, I became a Born Again believer in Christ. During my lifetime I have witnessed the life changing miracle that comes through His salvation and grace. I have always desired in some way to be a blessing and help to others. God has blessed me with a beautiful wife and four children. My wife and I retired in 2009 and we now live in the country with a Newmanstown, PA address.”


He retired from a career mostly in commercial construction where he worked for Horst Construction out of Lancaster, PA. Most of his time was spent in field management either supervising or managing projects.

He continued, “During my retirement I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a writer. A year and a half ago I began writing Christian booklets and short stories to win souls to Christ and to help encourage Christians to keep forging ahead in their Christian walk.”

His booklets include: Salvation, Discipleship, The Family, Growing up, Forging ahead in your Christian Walk and Prayer. Rodgers fervently believes that the Lord has blessed him with this ministry. He now posts his booklets on his personal web sites and other social networks where he has reached people from 63 different countries.

He said, “The Lord has been blessing me in many ways and I have a steady stream of people joining my sites where they can view and follow my booklets that I have written thus far. Please feel free to visit and Feel free to copy and use my booklets as handouts to encourage and win souls to Christ.”

His recently published book was inspired by his desire to write a different style of Devotional, Payer Diary, and Journal, using days instead of dates, that way you can go back to the last page that you stopped at and take-off from there (no make-up days.) Neither the header, scripture verse nor the topic is written to synchronize a theme with each other. This allows the reader broad flexibility to jot down notes on what the Lord is speaking to them about, instead of trying to fit into someone else’s spiritual shoes for that day.

In addition to his writings he has expanded his ministry to include recording messages for a web radio station “Voice of the Spirit” live 365 where they are played randomly throughout the day to reach lost souls all around the globe. Two recent recording can be found here:

Is it too late to say that I love you? - By: Gary L. Rodgers - on You Tube

A Christmas Story - By: Gary L. Rodgers -

Rodgers said, “Also we are in prayer about the booklets being interpreted into other languages to be used to support field missions with materials to support their ministries. In addition I have just started a novel and hope to get that published around the latter part of August 2013.”

He humbly says, “The Lord has been blessing and using me in various ways for His glory. It would be so exciting to hear from you and I do hope that you will drop me an email to say hello May the Lord carry you through your trials and bless you along the way!”