Magician Mike Paldino to perform at the State Theatre of Boyertown


One local theatre plans to kick off the first Friday night of 2013 with a little magic.

Mike Paldino, professional magician, will be performing his first live show of the New Year at the State Theatre of Boyertown on Jan. 4.

This will be no ordinary magic show. There will be no rabbits popping out of hats, nor will there be an endless stream of handkerchiefs escaping from a chosen pocket.

In fact, Paldino may be better referred to as a professional card magician, close-up performer, mentalist, scoundrel, and an advocate of the bizarre.


I have a different take on things, says Paldino. I incorporate a lot of personal stories and anecdotes into my shows, trying to steer away from typical magic show clichs. My character is me.

Throughout college, Paldino began to perform card tricks for friends, inevitably always drawing a crowd.

Paldino has been studying the history and tradition of the art of magic since age 7, since then his deep passion for the craft has continued to develop.

He is never found without a deck of cards on him.

According to Paldino, one of his playing cards can be found on the ceiling of Durangos Saloon from a trick he did there some time ago.

Ive never been interested in performing for kids, said Paldino, explaining that kids are too logical. Its not about the trick Im doing, but the image it creates. I want people to think about and be moved by what Im doing. I like to leave people scratching their heads.

Paldino strives to create an image that will stick in peoples minds.

Professionally speaking, my influences are people like Ricky Jay, Penn & Tellerguys like that who elevate magic to something beyond what people perceive it to be. Its not just trick, trick, trickthey create artistic pieces that transcend the effect itself, said Paldino.

Music, art and film have also had a great influence on his profession. According to Paldino, those elements play just as big a part in his pieces as magic does.

Musician Mike Patton, Salvador Dali, and David Fincher are among the individuals that Paldino listens to or watches when hes working on a new piece.

As a graduate of Seton Hall University, Paldino earned a Bachelor in Arts in Liberal Studies with a double minor in English, and Creative Writing. As a one-man-show, he has performed his poetry and short monologues live at various venues. His pieces have also appeared in several literary magazines.

This magician has previously performed in Boyertown, but this time he has been personally invited to perform by the theatres owner Kevin Rhude.

Weeks ago, on Dec. 7, Paldino placed a mysterious item into a box, proceeding to lock and seal it completely on all sides in plain sight.

This box has been set up on display in the lobby of The Historic State Theatre of Boyertown. It is to remain there, sealed, for the 28 days leading up to his Jan. 4 show.

This upcoming performance is described by the State Theatre to be an evening of intimate conjuring, confessional stories, and traditional sleight-of-hand in a one-man show that blurs the lines between illusion and reality, fact and fiction, truth and deception.

Paldino is the only person aware of the contents of this box; he expects it to be pleasantly surprising once revealed.

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