Dani Hurst—December 2012 Student of the Month

Dani Hurst, a senior at Twin Valley High School, has been named School to Careerís Student of the Month for December. Hurst interns with Miss Arielle Semanoff at Twin Valley Elementary Center. She was not sure what direction she wanted to take with her future and her guidance counselor suggested interning to narrow down the options. Hurst now realizes what a valuable experience she has come across with interning.

Her mentor, Arielle Semanoff, is a Learning Support teacher at the elementary center. Working in the Learning Support means that Hurst handles children who have difficulties with basic learning materials. She also assists a kindergarten teacher, posing as an aid in the classroom. In the classroom she works with select kids who cannot spell their name or have difficulties with letters. Her biggest task thus far has been working one on one with a second grader to assure that he stays on task and completes all of his work.

ďWhen they finally understand a concept I have taught it is a feeling of achievement,Ē Hurst said in regards to focusing on one concept, like spelling their names, for weeks at a time to help them succeed.

ďI am thrilled with her enthusiasm, willingness to take on any task, and overall spectacular performance,Ē Semanoff said of Hurst. She added that she works well with the children and knows how to work with them and engage in their tasks.


Hurst said that working with Semanoff makes interning enjoyable because she is easy to work with and turns teaching into a memorable experience. While interning so far Hurst revealed that Semanoff has taught her how to interact and teach children with I.E.P.ís and with those who have general difficulties with learning. Interning has also taught Hurst about professionalism, stressing the importance of developing good habits such as showing up on time and appearing presentable.

After graduating Hurst plans to attend a four year college for special and elementary education. She will remember interning by taking always keeping in mind the perseverance the children have taught her. Congratulations to Dani Hurst for being Decemberís School to Career Student of the Month.