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New plans submitted for Blue Ball Commons in East Earl

By Tory Lingg, For Journal Register News Service

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Eight town houses are planned for the lot where the water tower is located in Blue Ball Commons according to land planner Rob Gabriel.
The location had been listed as a commercial lot, but is in actuality a residential area. Access lanes are needed to the site.
Gabriel said that the East Earl Planning Commission recommended going ahead with the project as long as the water tower is ceded to the East Earl Water Authority.
Supervisor Earl Kreider said the streets should be wide enough for dedication to the township.
Two entries are needed for emergency vehicles, said Supervisor Joe Shriver.
Chris Vivarchik of R.G.S. Associates Engineering, accompanied by Rick Stauffer, were in attendance to seek support for a special exception in a zoning application for construction on about 3.2 acres of commercially zoned space on the west side of Marble Drive along Route 23.
Vivarchik said, “Primarily we are proposing a drive in fast food restaurant. It is consistent with the site. The site would be suitable to a small town restaurant of about 2,800 square feet. Impervious surface would only be 51%. We think the tenant would be something like Taco Bell, Wendy’s or Chick-Fil-A.”
“It looks awful tight for fire trucks,” said Shriver. “Parking patterns have to be addressed. Our attorney will be at the meeting. Go to the Planning Commission for a Special Exception.”
Police Chief Kevin McCarthy said that in November the East Earl Police Department received 116 calls for service, investigated 16 traffic accidents, and conducted 19 criminal investigations. There were 14 calls for service from Terre Hill Borough. There were three criminal investigations. The department issued 88 traffic citations and arrested 13 individuals for crime codes violations.
Ordinances were approved that require all commercial, residential and industrial buildings within 150 feet to connect to public water and sewer.
“There is such an ordinance in effect,” said Township Secretary/Treasurer Connie Gross, “but because of new construction in the Terre Hill area there is a concern that users should be connected either in East Earl Township or in Terre Hill Borough.”
Stormwater management plans were reviewed and approved for Paul Leinhauser, Dwight Martin, Eugene Reiff and David W. Zimmerman.
An extension was granted for plans for Petra Christian Fellowship until April 10, 2013.
Chairman Dave Zimmerman said the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is pressing action on installing sewers in Goodville.
Kreider said the consent order has been approved.
“Authorization will be affirmed to send out letters to the resident of Goodville. Then we have 180 days to submit plans to the D.E.P. Municipal taxes will be increased .1 mil or $10 for every $100,000 of real estate assessment to help pay for the sewers in Goodville,” he explained.
Since the Blue Ball Fire Department is merging with New Holland and the Goodville Fire Department is merging with Terre Hill, Shriver suggested those in the Fire Police Department can keep their badges or return them to the fire companies.
Paul Nolt said the Blue Ball and New Holland Fire Departments will be merged together as the Garden Spot Fire Rescue starting in 2013.
The Road Crew has been removing leaves and debris from mountain roads. There was a water main break along Sunset Drive and sewer main valve problem near Eagles Way. The road equipment has been readied for winter weather, said Zimmerman.
Zoning Officer Shawn Seymour said in November he issued 13 permits for a construction value of $263,000. Fees amounting to $2359 were taken in.
The third floor fire escape has not been installed at Eby’s Rooming House on Route 322, and therefore the apartment cannot be rented.
Zoning concerns are “junk” on a property, someone living in a barn along Briartown Road and construction without a permit on Stauffer Road.
The new policy of Rental Property Inspections seems to be going well according to Seymour.
“The landlords like it because everyone is now on the same level. John Getz will be hired to do rental property inspections. He is already working in the New Holland area,” he said.
The Lancaster County Conservancy will hold a meeting at 2 p.m. on January 17, said Zimmerman. The Members of the Lancaster County Planning Commission were taken on a tour through Churchtown and Goodville, and they visited some preserved farms.
“It was a very enjoyable outing,” commented Zimmerman. “People from PennDOT are very enthusiastic about the new byway. There will be no more bill boards. Existing ones will be grandfathered.”
The Safety Committee met on November 20, said Safety Coordinator Bill Shirk. The committee members inspected the well house and water tank. At the next meeting they plan to check the pump station at Blue Ball Commons. East Earl gets a 5 percent discount in municipal insurance due to the fact they have an active safety committee.
“There is a hybrid type of flu predicted in the region this winter,” said Shirk. “It could be dangerous.”
On December 20 there will be a training session on hazard mitigation at the Lancaster County Training Center.
Zimmerman said pressure is being put on the supervisors to expedite the plans for replacing the bridge over the Conestoga Creek at Conestoga Creek Road.
Kreider said they want us to sign the final design agreement.
Work on the bridge may start in 2013.
Regular township meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. The budget for 2013 was adopted. All other dates were approved for township related meetings.
Donations of $10,000 plus $1000 for insurance purposes will be made to the Blue Ball and Goodville Fire Departments. A donation of $10,000 will be made to the Terre Hill Fire Department. The New Holland Ambulance and the Five Pointsville Ambulance will each get $500. The New Holland Recreation Center will get a donation of $800. The Welsh Mountain Park and the Terre Hill Park will each get $2000. The Elanco Library will receive a gift of $5000 .and the Lancaster County Conservancy will receive $10,000. The Elanco Social Service Network will get $1200 and the New Holland Historical Society will receive $500.
Brice Crabb will be hired as an assistant at the Water and Sewer Authority.
Township offices will be closed on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day, as well as Dec. 31 and New Year’s Day for non-uniformed employees only, said Zimmerman.
The East Earl Post Office will be open six hours daily. Goodville Post Office will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily. From a survey residents wanted their local post offices to remain open but they agreed hours could be cut.