Neon bordered marriage proposal

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Wayne Kistler proposed to fiancee Sharon Toth through a message on the marquee outside of the Hamburg Strand theater.
Photo Supplied Wayne Kistler proposed to fiancee Sharon Toth through a message on the marquee outside of the Hamburg Strand theater.

The names of many individuals may never grace a neon bordered marquee, but such is not the case for a local couple with plans for an upcoming wedding.

Lenhartsville resident Wayne Kistler contrived an idea of proposing to his fiancée by utilizing the marquee outside of the Hamburg Strand theater one day while looking at the upcoming movie. On Dec. 19, after theater operator Louise Miller had placed the message on the board, Kistler’s plan came to fruition and he popped the question to his fiancée, Kutztown resident Sharon Toth,

“I guess every girl wants to be proposed to wants something special done,” said Kistler, 45, who works as a welder/supervisor at Hale Trailer in Allentown. “I knew she wanted something done a little special, so somewhere out of a hair brain in my head I just thought it would be pretty neat if it was on the marquee there.“

In order for Toth to see the message on the marquee, Kistler drove her into town to eat at Russo’s Family Restaurant, which is located right next to the theater on Fourth Street. He parked his vehicle and while walking to the eatery with Toth, Kistler suggested the couple watch a movie at the theater that night, as well.


But she nearly foiled his plan. Toth told him that she was not sure she wanted to see a movie on a week night. He countered with the suggestion to simply see what movie was playing.

“She saw it, and it took a little bit, and she laughed. It made her happy. She was really surprised,” said Kistler.

Kistler said Toth’s reaction to his method of proposal was better than he had anticipated.

“I thought I’d get the old, ‘That’s a little corny’,” he said. “Sometimes I do stuff that I think is better than what it actually turns out to be. But it actually turned out pretty great.”

“I was shocked. I was happy, excited,” said Toth, 44, who earns a living as a special education teacher in Orefield. “I was glad that he did it.”

She said the couple had discussed the possibility of getting engaged, but she had no idea of Kistler’s plans to ask for her hand in marriage by this means.

And while the couple is in a state of happiness at the moment, their future nuptials at one point were not even a possibility, as the two broke off their relationship and headed their separate directions. Following nearly 10 years of dating that began in 1996, Kistler and Toth, who met through mutual friends, parted ways. The couple then resumed dating during 2007 and has remained together until the present.

“We just started talking again and things just went from there,” said Toth, in regards to the couple’s return to dating. “We just started talking about how we have such similarities and things we like to do together and we just went from there and went back out again. We kind of just picked up where we left off.”

As of now, Toth is leaning toward a December wedding.

“There hasn’t been an exact date yet but they’re tossing ideas around already,” said Kistler, of his fiancée and her sisters-in-law. “They’re passing around pictures back and forth as far as themes and this and that.”

But, the date of the ceremony is not a big deal for Kistler, who is simply happy that his plan came together.

“It’s hard for me to pull anything off on her so I figured this was the perfect thing,” he said.