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2012 Fall All-Berks athletes named

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Berks County recently released its fall All-Sports honorees. Below are the local athletes named to the respective teams.
Second Team Defense: Max Randolph, Kutztown.
Honorable Mention - Offense: Steve Hilborn, Fleetwood; Tyler Emge, Fleetwood; Nate Onorofsky, Kutztown; Jabari Johnson, Fleetwood; Bryce Galczynski, Kutztown; Morgan Shigo, Fleetwood; Phillip Donner, Kutztown; Matt Hook, Fleetwood.
Honorable Mention - Defense: Brian Anderson, Fleetwood; Mike Moyer, Kutztown; Shaq Cobb, Fleetwood; Morgan Shigo, Fleetwood; Kody Reichart, Kutztown; Tyler Emge, Fleetwood; Bryce Santos, Kutztown.
All-Berks: Steve Dunkle (Sr.), Fleetwood.
All-Division 2: Aaron Nelson (Sr.), Fleetwood; Mitch DuCoin (Sr.), Fleetwood; Austin Young (So.), Fleetwood; Justin Dantas (Sr.), Fleetwood; Keaton Moyer (So.), Fleetwood.
Divison 2 Honorable Mention: Dylan Parfet, Fleetwood; Tyler Rappiselli, Fleetwood; Carlos Zavala, Fleetwood.
All-Division 3: Luke Wessner (Sr.), Kutztown; Pierre Reedy (Fr.), Kutztown; Kirby (Jr.), Kutztown; Cody Wessner (Jr.), Brandywine Heights; Drew Entricken (Sr.), Kutztown; Chris Langston (Sr.), Brandywine Heights.
Division 3 Honorable Mention: Cody Wessner, Brandywine Heights; Bryce Pinkerton, Brandywine Heights; Josiah Wendleng, Kutztown; Max Randolph, Kutztown; Zach Edwards, Kutztown.
All-Berks: Hanna Perone (Sr.), Fleetwood; Hannah Stump (Sr.), Fleetwood; Madison Hileman (Sr.), Fleetwood.
All-Division 2: Bella Abrams (Fr.), Fleetwood; Maureen McGarry (Sr.), Fleetwood; Ashley Diehm (So.), Fleetwood.
Division 2 Honorable Mention: Lauren Schlegel, Fleetwood; Kaylyn Oxenreider, Fleetwood; Holly Wagner, Fleetwood; Katie Quillman, Fleetwood.
All-Division 3: Nyssa Hughes (Sr.), Brandywine Heights; Alex Garrett, Kutztown; Meredith Grossman (Sr.), Brandywine Heights.
Division 3 Honorable Mention: Allison Roman, Brandywine Heights; Meagan Loos, Brandywine Heights; Emily Gralinski, Brandywine Heights; Amy Neumann, Kutztown; Deni Tobin, Kutztown; Adeena Woodard, Kutztown; Liv Massaro, Kutztown; Amber Trexler, Kutztown.
All-Division 2: Piper O’Keefe (Sr.), Fleetwood/
All-Division 2 Second Team: Rachel Stump (Sr.), Fleetwood; Haley Fider (Sr.), Fleetwood.
All-Division 3: Jodi Weaknecht (Sr.), Kutztown; Amy Mucelli (Sr.), Kutztown; Taylor Rohrbach (Jr.), Brandywine Heights; Meghan Donat (Jr.), Kutztown; Nina Klein (Sr.), Brandywine Heights.
All-Division 3 Second Team: Allyssa Moser (So.), Brandywine Heights; Deanna Daddona (So.), Brandywine Heights; Claire Jones (Jr.), Brandywine Heights; Kennedy Miller (Sr.), Kutztown; Katie Blackwood (So.), Kutztown.
All-Berks: Danielle Schultz (Sr.), Fleetwood.
All-Division 2: Heather Swann (So.), Brandywine Heights; Sienna Heist (Jr,), Brandywine Heights; Vegas Youse (Jr.), Fleetwood.
Honorable Mention: Melissa Farley (Sr.), Brandywine Heights; Emily Vaughan (Sr.), Brandywine Heights; Abby Porambo (Sr.), Fleetwood; Jenna Sievert (Fr.), Fleetwood.
All-Berks 2: David Welsh (Jr.), Kutztown; Connor Mertz (Jr.), Kutztown; Ryan Schlegel (Sr.), Fleetwood; Casey Santos (Jr.), Fleetwood.
All-Berks 2: Madeline Short (Jr.), Kutztown.
All-Berks: Andrew Gernert (Sr.), Kutztown.
All-Division 2: Eric Wiley (Jr.), Fleetwood.
Divison 2 Honorable Mention: Andy Moran, Fleetwood; Nate Reinert, Fleetwood.
All-Division 3: Dalton Balthaser (Sr.), Kutztown; Tucker Landis (Jr.), Kutztown; Shannon Weber (Jr.), Kutztown.
Division 3 Honorable Mention: Nick Austin, Kutztown.
All-Berks: Monica Volk (Sr.), Kutztown; Jenny Seabourne (Sr.), Brandywine Heights.
All Class AA: Kelsi Comer (Jr.), Fleetwood; Sakira Fussner (Fr.), Kutztown; Rebecca Hoke (Sr.), Brandywine Heights; Sierra Sweitzer (Sr.), Fleetwood.