New ChesCo furniture bank is only one of three in PA

WEST CHESTER _ A new non-profit furniture bank, one of only three in Pennsylvania, is planned for Chester County and is seeking a warehouse to hold items for those in need across the county.

“I receive calls every day from people who want to make donations, unfortunately we have nowhere to accept, store and distribute to people in need,” said Sheree Richnow, President of Community Warehouse Project of Chester County.”

Each night across America hundreds of thousands of people sleep in places not meant for human habitation, and they live in homes without the basic essential furnishings needed for minimum human existence. Forty percent of that population are children,” according to the Furniture Bank Association of North America.

A few of the nonprofit partners of CWPCC are Interfaith Housing, ACT in Faith, The Domestic Violence Center, Safe Harbor, Chester County Department of Aging and area churches.


“Now that we have our nonprofit status we need a warehouse to get the project moving. There is a need and there are plenty of donors. We need a home,” Richnow said. “If someone has a facility or are interested in making a financial gift, they can contact me at 610 558-1250.” For more information on CWPCC see

Realtor Adam Knox, who is a member of the CWPCC board of advisors, said, “It’s very challenging to find a donor for such a facility. This project is badly needed in our community. We are dependent on corporate and public support.”

Plans call for a year-round operation, including a re-sale shop that is open to the public.