Trophies stolen from Moselem Springs Golf Club, suspects fled via golf cart

Silver and copper trophies were stolen from Moselem Springs Golf Club on Eagle Road in Richmond Township during a burglary on Jan. 2.

The burglars pried open the front doors to gain entry into the lobby area at 11:45 p.m., damaging the lighting fixtures and rendering them inoperable, according to Fleetwood Police Chief Steven Stinsky.

From display cases in the lobby, the burglars removed several pieces of silver and copper trophies displaying family names with historical connection to the club. Names of historical significance included Helen Quier, Hawley Quier, and Edith Seyfert. Stinsky’s report included a two-page-long list of stolen trophies dating between 1916 and 1967.

Club personnel responded to an alarm activation and were on scene in less than 10 minutes, however, the burglars had already fled the premises in a golf cart which they had removed from the cart shed adjacent to the clubhouse, said Stinsky.


“The tracks of the fleeing golf cart were followed and the cart was found in a field approximately a half mile northeast of the club house,” said Stinsky. “During this tracing operation, one of the stolen plates was recovered where it likely fell off of the golf cart during the escape.”

The investigation is ongoing. Stinsky urges anyone who may have seen something that night or later becomes aware of information that can aid in the investigation to contact the Fleetwood Police Department at 610-944-7011.

“Special attention is requested of people engaged in the business of reselling precious metals,” said Stinsky.

Anonymous tips can be submitted at Crime Alert Berks County via email at or call 877-373-9913.

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