Berks County Wine Trail's ‘Chocolate & Wine Pairing' Weekend is Feb 9-10

Can’t decide which is better - a decadent bite of chocolate or a fabulous glass of wine? Need help making such a tough decision? The Berks County Wine Trail’s annual “Chocolate & Wine Pairing Event Weekend” is the ideal opportunity to arrive at your own conclusion. Taking place Saturday February 9th and Sunday February 10th (Noon to 5 PM both days) will be 8 opportunities for decadent pairings of both wines and chocolates. Plus, if you are looking for a sweet gift for your Valentine, this event will be a great time to select a beautiful bottle of wine for your romantic Valentines’ Day dinner; or that sweetheart gift of a bottle of wine and package of chocolates for that special Valentine in your life.

Chocolate & Wine Pairing Event Weekend is a self-guided tour of all 8 Berks County Wine Trail wineries. What better way than to spend a beautiful winter’s afternoon than planning a serene daytrip around scenic Berks County, stopping in at various wineries to sample an array of wines, chocolates or chocolatey confections. Plan your travels based on wineries’ location, or based upon the menu of wine pairings, or plan your travels based on visiting wineries on the trail that you have never visited before. No reservations required; this event is free (though please note that several wineries do charge a nominal fee for tasting of their full wine menu, fee refundable by a purchase of a bottle of wine). A complete and sweet menu of the wine and chocolate pairings to be featured during this event weekend will be posted on the trail’s website in the coming weeks; visit the Events page at to view the pairings as they are posted.

For a sweet preview of the wine & chocolate pairings:

Be a polar bear and take a dip! A dip into a fountain of chocolate that is! Bashore & Stoudt County Winery will pair featured wines with two glorious fountains of chocolate: white chocolate and milk chocolate. Visitors can dip into the liquid chocolate bliss with samples of fresh fruit, cake, and pretzels and other confections.


Calvaresi Winery creates a luscious adventure into wine and chocolate pairings: Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger paired with Gewurtrztraminer white wine; Ultimate Malted Milk Balls paired with Concord Wine; and Tiramisu Caramels with Baco Noir red wine. Explore the delicate details of why a particular wine pairs with a particular chocolate during your visit. Chocolates will be available for sale as well. Great for Valentine’s Day - bottle of wine and a gift of chocolate!

The Berks County Wine Trail, a group of 8 family-owned wineries feature hand-crafted wines made from grapes and fruits of the Berks County Region. Each winery offers a full menu of wines to explore during your visit. The array of wines to choose from at each winery is vast; there is something for everyone: white, red, dry, sweet, bubbly, blends, fruit wines, ports and dessert wines. This event, or any day of the week you choose to visit the wine trail wineries, is an opportunity to discover the high level and quality of wine production happening in Berks County. Where else can you taste beautifully produced sparkling wines, Riesling, Sangiovese, Vidal, Chambourcin, Syrah... and even chocolate wines!

The 8 wineries a sprawled across the Berks County region: two to the south of Reading, several just outside Reading and several to the North and East. The Berks County Wine Trail wineries are also located just an hour North of Greater Philadelphia; 1.5 hour West of Manhattan, an hour East of Harrisburg and minutes West of Allentown area. Enjoy a great day out in Pennsylvania wine country figuring out which is better - chocolate or wine - hard work but someone’s got to do it and who better to do it with, but with your Valentine.

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