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Magician Paldino predicts Boyertown headlines

By Rebecca BlanchardTimes Editor,

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

After nearly a month of anticipation, the contents of the box that had been locked, sealed and kept on display at the State Theatre of Boyertown have been revealed.
On Dec. 7, 2012, professional magician Mike Paldino locked contents into a box to be revealed during his Jan. 4 performance at the Historic State Theatre of Boyertown. These contents, or this item rather, was teased to be pleasantly surprising for audience members—and Paldino did not disappoint.
So what was inside The Box?
The Box was a conception idea which Paldino created through the reportedly classic ‘headline prediction’ effect. According to Paldino, the magician would accurately predict the front page headline of the newspaper in the town he would be performing in.
These predictions were usually mailed to the local paper or radio station days prior to the show to be opened within those same buildings, and used as publicity tools for the magician’s show.
“As I am not one for subtlety, I decided to take advantage of the fact that I still had a full month until show date to let this thing sit in full view when I dropped it off, and in curiosity alone, this seemed to have paid off,” said Paldino.
Paldino did in fact accurately draw and depict the news stories of the entire first page of the Jan. 3 edition of The Boyertown Area Times and sealed it in ‘The Box’ 28 days prior to it having been created.
Paldino personally invited myself, the editor of The Times, to be a part of the revelation.
The evening of Jan. 4 was an unpredictable night at the State Theatre provoking quite a bit of curiosity among audience members.