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Municipal Report: Caernarvon aims to preserve farmland

By Tory Lingg , For Journal Register News Service

Friday, January 18, 2013

Three farms totaling 210 acres were preserved in December, said Caernarvon Township Board of Supervisors Chairman Gary VanDyke.
The Lancaster County Agricultural Preserve Board provided direction for preserving easements on two of the farms, and the other was financed by the Lancaster Farmland Trust. It was the first time the concept of using transfer development rights was used.
A total of 36 T. D. R.s (transferrable development rights) were derived from the transaction. East Earl and Caernarvon Townships have been working together to formulate a workable way of preserving land by having any new units built closer to already developed areas.
Presently the use of T.D.R.s is limited to Caernarvon and East Earl Townships, but there is interest to expand it throughout the Eastern Lancaster County area.
Lieut. Marty Zeamer of the Lancaster Barracks of the Pennsylvania State Police met with residents to update them on recent statistics for Caernarvon Township. There 228 incidents investigated in the last six months of 2012 and 256 in the same period of 2011. There were three drug arrests in the last six month period of 2012, which Zeamer said came mostly as a result of better police coverage.
Supervisor Terry Martin, who also serves as Road Master, said that during the weekend of December 29 and 30 there were eight traffic signs stolen. He believes that they may have been stolen for scrap metal, and asked that anyone seeing anything suspicious please contact the township.
Bob Watts, General Manager of the Lanchester Landfill, said that the Board of Directors is working with the Lancaster County Commissioners and the Chester County Commissioners to come up with a reasonable solution for making donations to local libraries, conservancies, ambulance associations and fire departments. Legislation in 2012 has limited the Lancaster Landfill’s donations to $1000.
The Lancaster County Conservancy is working with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to plant a buffer of trees and shrubs along the Conestoga Creek where it flows through Pool Forge Park, said VanDyke. So far 64 trees of different varieties have been planted. A grant of $320,000 has been obtained from the William Penn Foundation to plant buffers along tributaries of the Conestoga Creek.
Caernarvon Township made donations of $25,000 to the Lancaster County Conservancy earmarked for the Welsh Mountain Preserve.
A resolution was approved to authorize the Volunteer Fire Police of Caernarvon Township to participate in providing service to other municipalities within close proximity of Caernarvon Township. Events such as Heritage Days, the Memorial Day Parade and Churchtown Day would be included. The program would also provide reciprocal participation by neighboring Fire Police.
Allison Cuthie and Andy Mancuso were in attendance to explain the details of the Eastern Lancaster County Armed Forces Banner Program. The program will provide a wonderful tribute to members of the community who are serving or have served in the Armed Forces in any major conflict since the Civil War. For the cost of $150, individuals can purchase a 24” by 48“ banner that includes a picture. The unveiling ceremony is planned for May 25, 2013, at the Towne Center Greene at the corner of Roberts and Main Streets in New Holland. The banners will be on display for six to 18 months. For more details call Cuthie at or call 717-419-9535. Money raised through the program will support the ELANCO Social Services Network and New Holland Visions.
The following reorganization appointments were announced - Kathy Norris will continue as Township Secretary/Treasurer. Daniel Brenner, Jere Messner and Patrick Maitland will work on the Road Crew. Legal Council will be provided by Blakinger, Byler and Thomas. Vision Engineering, John Roche, will provide engineering advice. The Planning Consultant for T.D.R.s is the Brandywine Conservancy. The Zoning Officer is Barry Wagner. The primary Sewage Enforcement Officer is Todd Geltmacher. Frank Diem was appointed to the Planning Commission. Bob Lauffer was appointed to the Zoning Hearing Board and Jeff Buckwalter will serve as alternate on the Zoning Hearing Board. John McElwee is the elected Auditor, and Kathy Norris will serve on the Vacancy Board.
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