Boyertown doctor driven through determination

Dr. Melanie Carr with her two children.
SUBMITTED PHOTOS Dr. Melanie Carr with her two children.

Dr. Melanie Carr was born and raised in the local area but made a life changing leap of faith to go into the chiropractic field at the age of twenty-six. Moving away from her home and support system and relocating with her two young children to Georgia to attend what was explained to her as the best chiropractic school in the nation, there were those who said she was crazy.

Still, Dr. Carr had discovered her passion and her calling. From a young age Carr can recall always wanting to help people and animals, joking she was always bringing home tiny injured creatures to nurse back to health as a child. Carr had worked in many fields but it was a fated afternoon while working for a chiropractic group out of West Chester that helped her define her life’s work.

Balancing her studies, work and children was no easy feat and at times Carr wondered if she would make it through. It was the great love of her parents, children and family in the end that helped her to realize and achieve her goals. Her daughter who was at the time, younger than five, would say, “Momma go study so you can be a doctor.”

To the delight of the local community, Carr returned home years later with a Doctorates degree in chiropractic studies, specializing in upper cervical care. Her practice is located in the profession building behind the CVS. In a time when medical insurance can dictate the care available to patients, Carr has dedicated her practice to the needs of her patients before the demands of insurance companies. Carr has set her rates to ensure she can help those who need it, not only those who can afford it, and even offers new patients the opportunity to eliminate new patient costs.


Patients who donate thirty dollars to a needy student who cannot afford physicals for sports participation in school will have their hundred and twenty dollar new patient rate waved. The idea is to encourage healthy lifestyles in children.

Though Carr understands the physical needs of her patients she understands too the many elements that effect health. For this reason, Carr has begun writing a daily column for the Boyertown Times. Topics discussed will vary but always the hope is to improve quality of life for all through informing and educating.