Stoltzfus signs off as President of Council as Elverson reorganizes

At the opening of the January 8 reorganization and regular meeting of Elverson Borough Council, Merle Stoltzfus announced that he was signing off as president but would continue to serve as a regular councilmember.

“I have enjoyed serving (as president)… …It has been challenging,” he said. “I have served (the borough) since 1987.”

“I would like this year for someone else to come on this chair as president,” he added. “There is more than one person on this council who is qualified to serve. If you would like to serve in this chair you should do so.”

Council Member Jack Stewart said he was not ready for the role because of other commitments occupying his time. Council member Bob Broderick volunteered to assume the position of President of Council. Council members Shirley Crehan, Tim McEwen and Esther Posser declined the offer to serve as President. Crehan will serve as Vice President of Council.


Prosser complimented Stoltzfus and his service by referring to him as “a visionary”.

A committee composed of Borough Secretary/Treasurer Lori Stolz, McEwen and Crehan interviewed representatives from three providers for the position of Borough Zoning Officer, with Yerkes Associates being chosen. The new Zoning Officer and Building Inspector for the Borough will be Yerkes’ Brian Willicombe, who also covers Caln Township. He can be reached at 610-644-4284. Also, a representative from Yerkes Associates will meet with Council four times a year to discuss the balance between the income to the borough through fees and permits and the actual cost of leg work done by the Zoning Officer.

“Yerkes is experienced with sewer maintenance and road work, so the work will not constantly be on Lori (Stolz),” said Crehan. “(Stolz) had too much responsibility. She had to relay information back and forth. The new zoning will answer questions over the phone. Yerkes Associates was the only provider who would make sure everything is done.”

L.T.L. Associates will be on call until the end of January to pick up unfinished business.

Crehan said Yerkes could provide some sample permits for home owners. They offered to meet with homeowners an hour a week

Stewart thanked Crehan and the committee for doing a great job.

Mark Stabolopscy will continue as Borough Engineer. Stolz will continue as Secretary/Treasurer.

Emergency Management Coordinator H. Barclay Hargreaves provided Emergency Operation Plans for 2013 for the area to each member of Council.

Curt Warner was reappointed to the Historical Commission. Dave Freidman was appointed to the Municipal Authority (term to end in 2017). Bob Wambold was appointed to a 3 year term on the Zoning Hearing Board.

The Elverson Farmers Market will be open at the Gazebo area of the Park along Route 82 on Saturday, January 26 from 10 to noon, according to Prosser

Elverson residents will continue to get the Elverson Newsletter free of charge. Residents who live outside the Borough are requested to send a check for $12 to Elverson Borough Hall if they want the news letter mailed to their home. The newsletter can still be picked up at Borough Hall free of charge.

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