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Parenting joys by Lisa Mitchell Sharing the joys of being a new parent

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Iím an aunt! Canít believe it. My youngest brother recently became a Daddy. I thought becoming a parent myself was pretty great but becoming an aunt is just as exciting and emotional.
I had the opportunity to visit the new parents and baby William David at the hospital. My daughter waited in the car with her grandmother. I was worried about stepping into a hospital considering the flu concerns in the area. I most certainly was not going to allow Anna to even go into the lobby, not that the hospital would have allowed her to visit anyway.
So, with hand sanitizer in hand and my scarf wrapped around my face, I headed to the second floor to Maternity. After being buzzed in, I found their room, knocked and entered to find a packed room. Wow. Was not expected that, but then, there were so many people in and out of my room after Iíd given birth to Anna.
The new Mommy and Daddy looked a little overwhelmed, tired and ruffled, but happy. They were glad to see me, which reassured me because I didnít want to intrude.
After the meet and greet with the other family members that I didnít know, I had the chance to ask the new parents how they were doing. I got the wide-eyed ďok.Ē Yes, definitely overwhelmed. They are 19 and 20. But at any age, Iíd think becoming a new parent is scary. Great but scary.
They had lots of questions, which I gladly answered. I love talking about my experiences as a parent and Iíll take any opportunity I can get to talk about Anna, who is now 20 months.
When asked if I had any words of wisdom, I shared this, Take things one moment at a time. Otherwise you can get overwhelmed very easily. Donít think about the five other things you need or want to do. Just think about that diaper. Then just think about nursing. That one moment is all that matters. And enjoy every moment, it goes by fast.
Then, I had the wonderful opportunity to hold baby William David, a little cabbage patch baby, so adorable. He slept and made those adorable baby noises. I didnít want to hand him back to his parents, I just wanted to continue to hold him. What a wonderful gift, becoming an aunt.
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