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Chestnut Knoll raises money for Relay for Life

Monday, February 11, 2013

Chestnut Knoll Residential Care is thrilled to announce that in one night, they were able to raise $1,800 for the Relay for Life Cancer Walk and accomplish personal goals that were set. Chestnut Knoll recently hosted a fundraiser at Greshville Inn, where 10% of the sales were donated to the Boyertown Relay for Life Cancer Walk occurring in June, in addition to cash donations.
“It was a great event!” said Barndt. “The event was supported by our families, friends, residents, volunteers, and members of the greater Boyertown community. It was wonderful to see everyone coming together for a fun night and a good cause!”
Many guests came to Greshville Inn to join the Chestnut Knoll staff and management team for the evening, and enjoyed dinner and drinks from Chestnut Knoll guest bartenders, Jennifer Diehl, nursing office manager; Shawn Barndt, executive director; and Sam Gaugler, bus driver.
In addition, various “levels” of cash donations were tracked and posted at the event. Prior to the event, the guest bartenders set goals for themselves to do certain tasks if their cash amount was reached; and of course, each goal was reached and they followed through with their tasks. At the $200 level, Gaugler put on a dress and served guests for the rest of the evening in his dress; at the $500 level, Diehl agreed to dye her hair pink; and at the $1,000 level, Barndt also agreed to dye her hair pink.
Charlene Deery, owner of Bella June Hair Salon in Boyertown donated her time and supplies in order to create the pink hairdos. The ladies set an appointment for 9 a.m. on February 1 at Bella June Hair Salon and had a little pink color added to their hair!
“We are very thankful for all the support that was shown to our team that night, as well as for the donation of pink hairdos for reaching our bar tips goal by Bella June Hair Studio,” said Barndt. “A special ‘thank you’ for Connie and Kevin from Greshville Inn for allowing us to pull this event together!”