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Twin Valley's February Intern of the Month – Tischa Santiago

By Lacie Santiago, For Journal Register News Service

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tischa Stacey, senior at Twin Valley High School, has been named Intern of the Month for February. She interns at a local dentist office, Wallace & Wolitarsky Dental Associates of Elverson. Stacey mentors with office manager Kathe Leydet, who states that “…she is prepared and excited to learn all the aspects of dentistry that she possibly can. Stacey is eager to learn and possesses a positive attitude whenever she enters the office.”
Stacey has many important duties, which include scanning x-rays, setting up hygiene trays with the appropriate tools, interacting with patients while collecting important medical history, sterilizing tools and equipment, and memorizing the surfaces of the teeth.
Leydet explains, “Stacey is a breath of fresh air, always having a smile on her face and enthusiasm that is contagious to the rest of the staff around her. She enthusiastically interacts with patients and coworkers (and is) always up for a challenge. Every morning the staff meets as a team and Stacey joins right in. We enjoy her curiosity for learning the dental profession. Stacey is a real go getter (and) always maintains an upbeat attitude that makes her a pleasure to be around.”
Stacey has learned valuable lessons and has gained insight that she treasures. Stacey knows the importance of arriving on time - because in reality it is a habit she will always need. She also has discovered how to dress appropriately for the job, knowing that it makes her all the more prepared for work. She appreciates the opportunity to work with the staff at Wallace and Wolitarsky and values the time and efforts made by all to enhance her experience.
“I love teeth!” Stacey exclaimed when asked why she wished to work in a dentist’s office. Stacey will pursue a career in dentistry and will fondly recall her internship experience.
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