Schwank: 420 Acres of Farmland Preserved in Berks County

Submitted photo:  Judy Schwank has announced her intention to run for reelection.
Submitted photo: Judy Schwank has announced her intention to run for reelection.

An additional 420 acres of Berks County farmland will be preserved through the purchase of conservation easements valued at over $1.04 million that were approved today by the Pennsylvania Agricultural Land Preservation Board, according to state Sen. Judy Schwank, a Preservation Board member.

According to the senator, the following farm will be preserved:

Edward and Lucy Burkholder, Maxatawny Twp., 53.50;

Erma Gruber, Maxatawny Twp., 26;


Russell and Carole Heiter, Greenwich Twp., 136.10;

Jeremy and Cindy Martin, Bethel Twp., 50.70;

Joseph and April Rosenbaum, Union Twp., 113.30;

Mark and Kim Weber, Brecknock Twp., 40.20

Total 419.80 acres preserved.

“Agriculture is a leading economic driver in Berks County,” Schwank said. “Farmland conservation ensures that the land is protected so that hard working families can continue to provide goods and ensure that our county’s number one industry is preserved.”

Statewide, 4,385 farms totaling 471,601 acres have been preserved since the program’s inception. In Berks County 651 farms consisting of 65,538 acres have been preserved. Berks County has preserved more acreage of farmland than any other county in the state program.

The Agricultural Land Preservation Board is intended to permanently preserve large clusters of viable agricultural lands by acquiring agricultural conservation easements (ACE). An ACE prevents the development of the land for any purpose besides productive agriculture.

Provided by Sen. Schwank’s office.