Familiar faces grace Gilbertsville Elementary's Community Reader Day

Mr. & Mrs. Parrish Stauffer, Owners of Rita's Water Ice in Boyertown
Mr. & Mrs. Parrish Stauffer, Owners of Rita's Water Ice in Boyertown

Many people in the Gilbertsville area are familiar with a community coming together to read to students and talk about why reading is important in their jobs and in their every day life.

Gilbertsville Elementary School Home School Association has been coordinating Community Reader Day for over 20 years. The theme this year was “Discover the Love of Reading.” According to Sheri Waldman, HSA President, “the goal has always been to do something different to increase interest in reading at GES, and to involve the community in the education process.”

Dr. Ronald Christman, former principal at GES, was known to travel to the home of every incoming kindergartener prior to the school year to read a story to them and present them with a book. Mrs. Melissa Woodard, GES’ current principal, has continued the tradition by inviting children and their families to her office prior to the start of the school year to read a story and receive a book.

“The hope is that one book or one reader will attract a child and encourage them to make reading an important part of their daily life and to be excited about it,” says Mrs. Waldman.


“Students take this day very seriously and consider every guest to be a superstar. One kindergarten student approached Acting Superintendent Rob Scoboria in his navy suit, and asked him if he was the President?”

GES had the honor of having many special community members this year on January 25. Readers included: Rebecca Blanchard, Jim Bozzini, Kay Dobry, Dr. Ronald Christman, Gerry DeSantis, Lynn Gladieux, Gina Kraus, Dr. Mark Hanlon, Jennifer Heiser, Maryann Hook, Hugh Kelly, Dr. Marie Kershner, Kathy Kolarz, Rod Martin, Gwen Semmens, Jennie Sortino, Major Paula Spencer, Mr & Mrs. Parrish Stauffer, Dr. Fred Sylvester & Marcee Schultz, Rob Scoboria, Marcy Toepel, Dr. James Tribbett, and Melissa Woodard.

Special thanks to the community for taking time to make this day at GES an important day for our school community.