Letter to the Editor A New Kid on the Block

Dear Editor:

I have written many times in the past about America’s failing morals and unfortunately was starting to give up until I heard a brilliant man; Dr. Benjamin Carson give a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. He has been chastised as usual by the media that said he disrespected the President by giving his speech in his presence. I disagree and hope all that heard this man’s speech feels like I now do. He only spoke the truth with his love of country and our Constitution, not disrespect for the man that does not show respect for our Constitution as we the people that elected him are being affected by his monarchy tending attitude. To begin with, it was evident that the good doctor only wants to “inform the majority of the electorate the true facts” and not to be misled by propaganda expressed by the president’s supporters and the one sided media. For myself, having been born during the great depression years, I have had the experience of witnessing past presidents up until our present one. Believe me it has been an experience that has made me change political parties time and again. I now tend to call myself an independent but register Republican because I consider it, the “party of life” for many reasons and the past Democratic Party that I once belonged to that has been taken over by the liberal socialists the “party of death”, and again for many obvious reasons. Something I found interesting was the fact how Biden {who we know always tends to put his foot in his mouth} preached in Virginia last August how the republican party will put “y’all” back in chains, {which I believe the statement and intended delivery was cheap, uncalled for and certainly not accurate, but that’s Biden}, actually the reverse is factual. Doesn’t the fool or anyone else that feels this way know it was the Republican party of Lincoln that always wanted to free the slaves {think back to the Emancipation Proclamation} so they could help themselves and it was the Democratic party’s platform that wanted them to remain slaves and even fought a Civil war that basically wanted to change the Constitution. History shows it was the Democrats that always voted against Civil rights, just look back on their voting records, even as recent as the fifty’s. Wasn’t it the Democratic Governors that stood in the school doorways and blocked the entrance during the civil rights movement? Wake up electorate to the hypocrisy and facts of History. This man I speak of Dr. Carson raises some very important “true facts” that can not be denied.

Now, lets move on to the words Separation of Church and State, because so much has derived since those words have been first spoken. Our for-fathers never intended this to happen, or they would have written it into the Constitution. It started with a fluke Amendment in 1954, “The Johnson Amendment” and was supported by President Kennedy as a point to win the presidency in nineteen sixty. I believe the law is not absolute and should be challenged in the Supreme Court. You decide that, “but learn why it was amended before you decide”. Since that amendment, Churches were suppressed from speaking politics from their respective pulpits. Why? This put pressure on preaching scripture if it happened to pertain to a particular politicians point of view on the law. Let me give an example of many; -- {before saying this, it would be interesting to hear what the “New Kid” on the block, “as he has taken the Doctors oath of life” thinks of the act of murder?}-- Although the act of murder was not written into the Constitution, it has been left up to the individual states to define the law of murder. Our Republic being a nation of laws still has the Ten Commandments hanging in the Supreme Court of which the words “Thou Shall Not Murder” is written. Now, defining “first degree murder” is any murder that is willful and premeditated. Shouldn’t the Clergy be able to preach against murder as it pertains to Scripture as well as our Nations Law that was authored by our for-fathers in the Constitution based on biblical principles? No moral person should overlook the truth or try to ignore the fact that when a baby survives abortion it is a “living human being”, to murder or purposely let that life die is against the laws of this Republic, can anyone deny that it is willful and premeditated? Talk is cheap and it’s easy to say Separation of Church and State. But the facts are there, churches and clergy are pressured by an unjustified amendment that goes against our Constitution by threatening with “laws of tax exemption”. Perhaps churches are at fault for not standing against the Government, but that is their decision to make which may have it’s division and consequences. “That’s where morals, conscience and following Scripture come in”. The facts are, if churches where able to preach Scripture freely as was intended by our Constitution, we would not have the conflict that is threatening America’s morals today. We would have a Nation with “different political leaders” as we had in the past. A Nation of morals that our for-fathers intended, as it survived with sacrifices over the ages, “One Nation Under God.”

JJSchaub, Virginville