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Kutztown students participate in Berks County Junior Music Festival

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Junior County Chorus Participants 2013
Sam Arnold, son of Andrew Arnold and Arabel Elliot of Kutztown;
Ashley Bleiler, daughter of Enos and Christine Bleiler of Kutztown;
Margaret Brooks, daughter of Michael and Nancy Brooks of Kutztown;
Colton Cutlip, son of Lori Cutlip of Kutztown;
Ashley Donat, daughter of Dave and Beverly Donat of Lenhartsville;
Julia Mace, daughter of Derek and Karise Mace of Kutztown;
Josh Mengel, son of Scott and Heather Mengel of Kutztown;
Krystal Nolte, daughter of Karl and Melissa Nolte of Lenhartsville;
Erica Onorofsky, daughter of Lee and Tracy Onorofsky of Kempton;
Tyler Pensyl, son of Kristian and Susanne Pensyl of Kempton;
Claire Pursel, daughter of Steven and Margaret Pursel of Lenhartsville;
Michaela Ryan, daughter of Donald and Christine Ryan of Lenhartsville;
MacKenzie Sheetz, daughter of Brian and Sharlene Sheetz of Kutztown;
Olivia Sica, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Sica Kutztown;
Quinn Snyder, son of Vincent and Lori Snyder of Lenhartsville;
Brady Tucker, son of Michael and Audrey Tucker of Mertztown.