Zuber Realty Awards Star Performers

Left to right: Richard A. Zuber, Susan Martin, Randy Hughes, Connie Dolansky, Carol Corbo, Karl Stauffer, Paula Babb, Gary Pace, Meredith Styer, Kenneth Styer, Brian Gilbert.
Left to right: Richard A. Zuber, Susan Martin, Randy Hughes, Connie Dolansky, Carol Corbo, Karl Stauffer, Paula Babb, Gary Pace, Meredith Styer, Kenneth Styer, Brian Gilbert.

The annual Zuber Realty “State of the Union” luncheon took place at the renovated historic Sunnybrook Ballroom recently and took on the air of a sports awards banquet as owner Richard A. Zuber reminded the agents and staff of the five divisions within the organization of the importance of assuming the qualities of good leadership--confidence, courage, compassion—in service to their clients.

Zuber offered examples within the agency of those who take on the mantle of leadership like eagles who don’t flock but surface one majestic example at a time. He shared that service is the lifeblood of an organization, that customer service is not a department, but an attitude.

Recognizing that all plans in the current economy are “worthless now,” he offered that supporting the structure and trusting the one in charge to make the tough decisions were critically important in achieving resurgence. He noted, “I’ve had to look at what the organization really needs, what it can sacrifice toward greater efficiency, and what mistakes we’ve made in our operations.”

Reinforcing cooperative collaboration and recognizing that the organization’s divisions need to support one another’s efforts for the greater good, Zuber applauded the individuals who “stepped up” and offered their time and effort to support other divisions as the glue that added needed support to the organization’s well-being.


He shared the example of JoCarol Zuber and Stacey Reitnauer of Zuber Insurance who helped with duties in the Property Management division to service a major account, noting, “They realized no direct benefit from their generous gesture beyond the realization that they were needed.”

Zuber credited TriCountyPlus Appraisal for outstanding performance and an increase of business by 40%. Other divisions held steady or made modest gains to rebound from major downturns.

Zuber cited the intelligence of Thomas Jefferson in his determination for each generation to pay its debts and remain staunch defenders against the tyranny of government. He offered examples of cutting the costs of long-time marketing devices and emphasized the power of digital marketing—some examples of re-positioning for success with 2013 enhancements.

Enhancing the website to enable better search engine optimization as well as creating the organization’s own internet site for day-to-day applications via Zuber Realty’s own Zapps now allow agents to use “cloud” technology wherever they are to serve their clients more efficiently.

As well as retaining the presence of Zuber signage—on lawns and billboards, Zuber encouraged agents to continue their involvement in community activities and their distribution of the Zuber calendar, a promotional vehicle he’s utilized for over 40 years.

Award trophies for Rookies of the Year were given to Meredith Styer and Gary Pace for their enthusiasm and energy, their positive spirits, service-driven attitudes, and their willingness to extend themselves for the good of the organization.

The Step-Up-to-the-Plate Awards for individuals going the extra mile went to Connie Dolansky and Paula Babb. The RBI Leaders included Susan Martin who made the most of an opportunity in her position within the appraisal division; Ken Styer whose company merged with Zuber Realty two years ago adding long-time experience and energy to the organization; Carol Corbo whose endurance approaches legend; and Karl Stauffer who “defies age” in entering the “cutting edge of technology,” committed to learning “new tricks” after almost 30 years in the business.

The Clutch Hitter Award was presented to Brian Gilbert, consistent recipient of Top Producer Awards for the last 17 years. Zuber shared that Gilbert’s 95% referral business was a result of his service-driven, methodical, commitment to excellence day-in and day-out.

The MVP award was reserved for Randy Hughes in TriCountyPlus Appraisal Division for his tireless efforts in processing almost 700 appraisals in one year thereby reinforcing the company’s efforts without fail.

Zuber concluded his remarks by reminding his agents and staff of the critical importance of recruiting experienced people. “We’ll move forward with everyone’s help,” Zuber remarked. “We need your positive attitude, high-level energy, and a combination of experience and a willing acceptance of new ideas and change. Game on!”