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TVHS March Intern of the Month: Kaili Bennett

By Lacie Santiago, For Journal Register News Service

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kaili Bennett, senior at Twin Valley High School, has been chosen as March’s Intern of the Month. She interns at Human Breathing Yoga with mentor Ron Coughenor who says, “Bennett is responsible and dependable, always seen with a smile as she is completing duties that are a part of her internship.” Ron explains, “For Bennett, it is crucial that she is involved in as many aspects of running the business as possible. Her duties range from cleaning the floors after class and watering plants to being the first person in the studio to assist yoga students with checking-in or answering any questions. Bennett has developed an understanding of running a small business and knows what it takes to be an entrepreneur.” The values that Coughenor has taught Bennett through her internship will be crucial lessons that she will carry on into her future.
Bennett was quickly welcomed into the yoga community, developing her own yoga practice as an individual. Her mentor admires her determination to practice three times a week as a high school senior and believes it is something that will serve her well once she graduates.
She takes time out of her hectic schedule to allow herself to calm down, using yoga techniques that she has sharpened since deciding to intern at Human Breathing Yoga.
As a part of Bennett’s internship, she will be teaching two Sunday Community Classes, located at Human Breathing. The classes will take place on March 24 and April 28 at 10:30am.
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Congratulations Kaili Bennett, March Intern of the Month!