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West Nantmeal gets digital bill board

By TORY LINGG , For Journal Register News Service

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

During the March 11, 2013 meeting of the West Nantmeal Board of Supervisors, Zoning Officer Frank Newhams said that a digital billboard has been located along the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The full-sized billboard, looming about 35 feet above the turnpike, is on property owned by Bill Beam. The work was done by Chester County Outdoor Advertising. The sign presents a series of messages geared to regional interests are presented to motorists.
Newhams said he is concerned with property maintenance in the township. He mentioned a vehicle stored in what appeared to be a tent, another location where a blue tarp is covering the entire roof of a home, and a property on Killian Road where a resident appears to be hoarding trash (and spoke of two recent incidents in Chester County where residents were killed or injured when trying to escape a fire rubbish filled homes).
Chairman Gary Elston said that resident Nick Fantana-Rosa, who does some competitive shooting at his property, is very apologetic to those who complain.
The supervisors will inspect township roads on Wednesday, March 27 at 9 a.m. After determining the conditions of local roads, decisions will be made as to which roads need to be repaired during the summer.
Elston said there is concern over potential damage to local roads by large trucks hauling material from tree harvests.
“We have to figure how to approach it,” he said.
Township Engineer April Barkasi said during a tree harvest the township could require the contractor to put up a bond to cover any damage to roads.
Two picnic tables that are wheelchair accessible have been located in the park, said Supervisor Dave Mast. A resident put up two blue bird nesting boxes there.
Someone rode a horse around the jogging trail said Elston. He emphasized that no horses are permitted in the township park adjacent to the township building. He showed how deep the prints were by spreading his hands.
“There could be a law suit if someone steps in a hole and falls,” he said. “Horses are to be kept out of farmers’ fields.”
Craig Stoltzfus said he is very concerned and will be watching for anyone who rides a horse where it is not permitted.
Township Secretary/Treasurer Susan Ward said the trash dumpster is only to be used by those who use the park.
Mast said he is looking for someone who can repair the cracks in the tennis court.
Ward said several members of the Historical Society went to a seminar in Phoenixville where they learned how to apply for grants. They are looking for funds to help pay for repairing the historic stone walls in the area of St. Mary of Providence. St. Mary of Providence had been the Iron Masters Mansion. William Potts had his employees build the stone walls after Isabella Furnace went out of blast. A local businessman who works on stone walls will be coming to the April supervisors meeting. Members of the Historical Society have been looking for a way to get the work done at a reasonable cost. Elston said it is a hard job.
In response to correspondence from Jim Thorne, director of the Hopewell Big Woods Project, West Nantmeal will continue as a partner. Ward said we do not really have to be active to be a partner but a new brochure will list all of the municipalities who are involved.
Those with sketch plans should make an effort to have them available for members of the Planning Commission to look over. Ward said the plans should be available prior to the meeting of the Planning Commission.