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Fleetwood National Art Honor Society shares art outside their school

By Kelsie Underkofler , Fleetwood HS student & NAHS member

Friday, March 22, 2013

Art in all forms can bring awareness to a subject, and it can make people feel, or understand what others are thinking or feeling. Art can simply be a way of beholding beauty and expression. It can inspire a sense of awe or invigorate ones senses. Art is meant to influence others and is a great way to reach and influence a community.
Throughout this school year, Fleetwood Area High School’s National Art Honor Society has been working hard to spread the sense of joy and accomplishment that doing art brings, not only in the school, but also throughout the community. They have been volunteering in different ways to help bring smiles to peoples’ faces, while also teaching them different aspects of art.
Earlier in the year, Katelyn Roberts and Lauren Schlegel, both NAHS members traveled with their church to Jamaica in order to help the children there. The students in the NAHS each contributed by making all types of friendship bracelets to be handed out upon their arrival.
Katelyn said, “I had an amazing time! The children were all very welcoming and excited to spend time with us and talk about the U.S. and Jamaica. They loved their bracelets.”
Experiences such as this are what lead NAHS to widen their horizons and learn new things about different types of people, while also helping them along the way.
Later in the school year, the NAHS met at Hearthstone at Maidencreek, a personal community, to work with those living there to share what they loved, through art, with a series of crafts for Valentine’s Day. Here, students helped to make cards and various other decorations to adorn the citizens’ rooms.
Fleetwood Senior and president of the NAHS, Aubrey Kohl, talks about this experience, saying, “It was very rewarding. I loved hanging out with the elders outside of work.”
It was a fun and an educational time for the residents and other students, as well.
While these experiences are great examples of NAHS spreading art outside of their school, the art students also volunteer yearly at their annual Art Event, a fundraiser and fun time for the Fleetwood Art Department to share art with their community. The NAHS plans to continue to help others enjoy themselves, spread joy, and positively influence the community, throughout the rest of the school year all through the power of art.
Art can bring awareness to a subject, and make people think and reconsider their actions, or Art can simply be a way of witnessing beauty and rendering artistic expression and inspire a sense of awe or inspiration. Either way, it is meant to influence others and is, in my opinion a great way to reach and influence a community.