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Municipal Report: Honey Brook Township

By Tory Lingg , For Journal Register News Service

Monday, March 25, 2013

At the March 13 meeting of the Honey Brook Township Board of SupervisorsTherese Mauchline, a member of the Honey Brook Township Parks and Recreation Committee, said that the Chester County Food Bank is looking to sponsor a program that would place raised beds for growing vegetables on the property of the Township Building. Volunteers would be needed to manage several raised beds, which would be 3 feet by 10 feet and 16 inches deep. About 70 percent of the produce is to be donated to the food bank, and the remainder can be distributed among the volunteers doing the work.
It would be a good opportunity for either the Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts to earn badges and recognition, Mauchline said.
Chairman Joe Fenstermacher said that partnering with the food bank is a good idea, and requested more information.
A donation by the Township in the amount of $500 will be forwarded to the Honey Brook Elementary School to help pay for a quarter-mile trail to be built at the school. There was also some discussion about making a trail from the school to the Honey Brook Community Library.
Township Administrator Toni Antonini said there is a need for two volunteers to serve on the Planning Commission and a volunteer to serve on the Land Preservation Committee. Interested residents should call Antonini at 610-273-3970 or apply on the Honey Brook Township website at
Road Master Don Johnson said that the streets of developments in the township will be swept during April.
Bob Witters thanked Johnson for repairing the pothole along Birdell Road.
Corporal Brian Atkinson from the Embreeville Barracks of the Pennsylvania State Police was present to give the police report for February and to answer questions from visitors. During February there were 67 calls from Honey Brook Township to the State Police. There was a burglary, five thefts and a stolen car. He added that in January there were 88 calls and in December over 100 calls to the State Police.
Permission was granted for the Twin Valley Little League to put up loudspeakers for Opening Day on April 6 at James Umble Memorial Park. Rob McMinimee, representing the Twin Valley Little League, said that the little league does not intend to use the loudspeakers every weekend, but only on opening night, during a tournament with the American Legion in May, and at District Tournament in June.
Fenstermacher said neighbors had previously complained about the noise and lighting, and added that if there was another complaint that they will have to take the loudspeakers down.
Antonini said she has an agreement which had been put together several years ago, and that she will look into the conditions that had been agreed upon for lighting and announcements.
The supervisors want to go over the agreement.
“We have to contact the solicitor and see what the rules are,” Fenstermacher said.
Supervisor John McHugh said we ought to do something to accommodate Opening Day.
Dick Reeder was appointed to the Zoning Hearing Board. He will start in in April and fill the position vacated by Jim Fagen. Janet Heinis was appointed as an alternate on the Zoning Hearing Board. Heinis lives at Knob Hill and has been active in the Relay for Life and Harmony Day.
Miscellaneous amendments of the Subdivision and Land Development rules and the Zoning Ordinance will be forwarded to the Chester County Planning Commission for review and comment. Other amendments to be included are the number of animals that can be housed in certain districts on various sized parcels. Another item included in the package is the rules on locating cell towers.
It was announced that the French Creek Iron Tour Bike Ride is planned for Sunday June 9.