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Exeter discusses canning private trash haulers

By Emily Thiel, News

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Exeter Township is considering the option of throwing out their 16 privatized trash collectors for use of a single, contracted trash hauler. The option to core a trash hauler for the township originated last year, when the Exeter Township Fire Department suggested the idea as a way to cut costs and funnel funds towards their proposed additional fire station. The fire department has two stations and is looking to build a third station across from the township’s municipal building.
There are currently 16 different registered trash companies who serve Exeter Township; Harold Adam, AJ Blosenski, Allied Waste, Advanced Disposal, John H. Green, John’s Sanitation, Cleon Kemp, Jr., Gerard Kemp Sanitation, Keith Kemp, Lawley Disposal, Inc., Lebanon Farms Disp., JP Mascaro & Sons, Mountz Disposal, Quality Disposal, Rosella Trash Removal, and Waste Management.
In doing away with the privatized trash haulers, a single organization would be solely responsible for the trash disposal of the 8,000 - 9,000 homes in Exeter Township. The township does offer recycling services through the township.
“Private hauling does, in my view, cause more traffic on township roads. repeated multiple trips from different companies, different days of the week,” Supervisor Jeff Bukowski said, “In economic terms, frankly, the cost of providing the service on township roads isn’t reflected and paid for by the customer; it’s paid for by the township.”
Supervisor Gary E. Lloyd created a survey to gather information from Exeter residents about their trash removal, which gathered mixed responses from members of the board. Supervisor Kenneth Smith stated he would rather wait until the residents and trash hauling companies meet with the board before distributing a citizen survey. Chairman Donald R. Wilson expressed concern with having the survey only available to residents online. The survey will ask questions to residents such as how much they currently are paying for trash removal, if they have special exceptions, and how much money would make it worth switching to a township provider.
Lloyd stated he spoke with the neighboring municipalities who currently use a township provided trash service: Muhlenberg, Spring, Wyomissing, and Cumru.
“They’re all $220 and below ” Lloyd stated, “Cumru is actually $150.” The cost does not include recycling.
“I’m trying to figure out how much money people are currently paying,” Lloyd said, who now pays over $300 for his trash removal.
Representatives from two of the private trash hauling organizations, Mark Mountz from Mountz Disposal and Cindy Kemp from Cleon Kemp Sanitation, voiced their concerns with doing away with the multiple private services throughout the township. Mountz told the board that the company’s pick-ups in Exeter amount to 35 - 40% of the business for Mountz Disposal.
“We pick up between 900 - 1,000 homes in Exeter Township, which is a substantial part of our business,” Mountz said.
The Board of Supervisors is requesting from the private trash haulers that they submit their current rates and to document their view on the issue, as they want to hear all sides to the issue. Chairman Wilson said options may be to put the trash hauling out to bid or divide pickup by recycling zones, but is only a discussion at this point and no decision has been made.
The Board is holding a special meeting where they will engage in a conversation with the hauler companies and the public 7 p.m. May 13 at the Reiffton School, 4355 Dunham Dr., Reading, where they are looking to hear all sides to the debate in an open forum setting.