Oley Valley Feed Announces 2013 Chick Days

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Oley, PA – Oley Valley Feed is pleased to announce their 2013 Chick Days, a program focused on healthy starts for the many baby animals that herald the coming of spring. Oley Valley Feed’s 2013 Chick Days will provide poultry raising resources to the Oley community in May starting the 1st through the 4th and again June 5th through 8th. With many people looking for ways to save on food costs and control their food choices, from the farm to the backyard, chicken raising provides a healthy and educational alternative.

To kick off Chick Days, Oley Valley Feed will have an event May 1st – 4th and June 5th – 8th with in store specials, including a “Chick Starter Kit,” which includes 10 laying chicks, a bag of feed, a bag of shavings, a waterer and feeder. Oley Valley Feed is already accepting orders for chicks, geese, ducks, turkeys, pheasants and more with over 174 varieties available. For more information call 610-987-3568 or visit 143 Cleaver Rd Oley, PA 19547.

“Farm families have known the joys of raising their own poultry for years, but people everywhere are beginning to realize the many benefits of raising poultry, even if it’s right in their own backyards,” said Jane Guldin, Oley Valley Feed. “There is nothing as gratifying as the ability to participate in the production of backyard food.”

Throughout the duration of Chick Days, Oley Valley Feed will offer advice and guidance on how to raise baby chickens from freshly hatched chicks through laying, including details on proper nutrition to provide the best eggs. They will also advise on the feeding of baby rabbits, goats (kids), fish (fingerlings) and other springtime baby animals. During the Great Starts™ promotion period Purina dealers will be providing special cost-savings on Purina brand feeds -- perfect feeds for these baby animals.


Oley Valley Feed will be providing special cost-savings on Certified Natural Start & Grow® or Flock Raiser® feed from Purina throughout Chick Days.

“Chicken owners know their eggs are fresh and natural and can be confident in the treatment of the meat they eat as well as the fun activity for the whole family to get involved with,” said Jane Guldin. “The Great Starts promotion coupled with Chick Days events are designed to show people how easy it is to raise their own chickens for eggs, meat or pets. Right now the interest in raising backyard poultry is continuing to grow, so don’t miss this window of opportunity.”