Here comes Abby Dee, cat angel

Cat angel Abby Dee
Cat angel Abby Dee

Hi, my name is Abby Dee! I am a front-declawed black & white tuxedo girl who is about three-and-a-half years old. I had a wonderful life with a house and kids, but then something called the “Economy” changed all that, and my family lost their home and could no longer care for me. So here I am looking for a new family to love. I am a great believer in making the best of things as there’s no sense in crying over spilt milk. If the milk spills, I say lap it up & enjoy it! I love children, especially when we play games together. My favorite is “Follow the Leader.” I love attention so much that I meow to let you know if I want more. My family used to call me “Gabby Abby” when I did that!

Abby is spayed, front declawed, & up to date on required vaccinations.

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