Community Home School Players presents The Beverly Hillbillies

The Community Home School Players rehearsing for their performance of Beverly Hillbillies.
Photo provided.
The Community Home School Players rehearsing for their performance of Beverly Hillbillies. Photo provided.

What makes the Community Home School Players’ Performance of Beverly Hillbillies extra special this year? Does it have anything to do with the hilarity of the play compared to the reflective tone of Our Town last year? No, though we are excited for the lightheartedness of this year’s performance, we loved last year’s melancholy, reflective feel. Does it have anything to do with the incredible talent of this year’s cast? Yes, but the talent last year was just as amazing, this year is no exception. What about the central location of the play at Twin Valley Middle School on Clymer Road past the High School? Well, we do love the location and we appreciate the custodial staff that works hard at that school (shout out to Scotty) but this location and custodial staff is always great. So what is that marks this year a remarkable year? It is that the play is directed and assisted by two ex-players, two alumni, Megan (Colmery) Pupek, as director, and Kathryn Burkholder, as assistant director and set-director. Both these women were once performers for the Community Home School Players, in the not too distant past, and now are at the helm.

Megan and Kathryn, both home schooled and past performers for The Community Home School Players learned from the best, Jana Willis and Tina Grant, former Directors of the Community Home school Players. Jana and Tina gave them a taste and feel for excellence. These two women would explode a drama into galactic proportions leaving exhausted parents in their wake. Megan and Kathryn’s style is a bit more laid back but just as productive and efficient all the same. These two new directors, once home schooled, are beyond organized, ahead of schedule and enjoying every minute of the ride. To watch both Megan and Kathryn work side by side making decisions is just plain fun. What makes this year even better are the two other alumni, Autumn Jackins, with hair, and Katie Schwartz with make-up, they are adding valuable and necessary input.

The Beverly Hillbillies, a comedy in three acts, is based upon the television program created by Paul Henning and adapted by David Rogers. For those of us who watched the television show, we remember well the slapstick humor and interesting characters. Evelyn Burke, Dale Cupo and Elisabeth Cook did a fabulous job casting this play.

The characters are played by the following performers, Granny-Sydney Fulbright, Jed Clampett-Aaron Snider, Elly May-Maggie Lauer, George Turner-Robert Leamer, Brewster-Sam Leamer, Cousin Pearl-Kristen Colmery, Jethro-Dawson Estes, Mr. Drysdale-Geoffrey Burkholder, Mrs. Drysdale-Hedy Gerace, Miss Hathaway-Moriah Collins, Mrs. Pennyweather-Madison Barnett, Percy-Jack Green, Gloria Mundy-Nicole Burkholder, Emaline Fetty- Kristen Colmery, Frederika Collins-Eve Lauer, Colonel Foxhall-Ben Green, Mrs. Stokely-Smythe-Abby Snider, Mr. Oglethorpe-Sam Leamer, Groovy Monahan-Mary Lauer, Frank Richards- Robert Leamer.


Sydney Fulbright and Moriah Collins are seniors this year and we do wish them well!

Every play needs a hardworking crew and this year we have the following amazing members: Lana Gerace, Patrick Reagan, Sean Geiger, Austin Mokrejs, Kaleb Musser, Matthew DeCerio, Grace Geiger, Jon Reagan, Jacob Geissinger, Joseph Geissinger, and Jesse Burkholder.

The Performance of The Beverly Hillbillies is the weekend after Easter, April 5 and 6 with both evening performances at 7 pm and a Saturday Matinee at 1:30 pm. It is a must see at the Twin Valley MIDDLE school on Clymer road.

Anyone involved with a drama knows the power it contains; power to connect, power to employ students in a worthwhile endeavor, and the power to expand their horizons. The Community Home School Players has been a significant part of the Community Home School Learning Group for over twelve years. But what makes a play so satisfying for the actors is YOU, the audience! We would so enjoy having you from the Berks and Chester County area to join us. If you would like more information please contact:

This year is a special year for us as we watch our children carry on the tradition of Drama for the Community Home School Players! For all of us parents who have poured into this program to watch our children carry on the tradition is more than satisfying, it is just plain rewarding!

Please mark your calendars for April 5, 6 and either come to the evening shows at 7pm or the Saturday Matinee at 1:30 pm. $8 for adults, $6 for students, 3-under Free. Bring a playbook or ticket stub from Vagaond’s Cinderella or Twin Valley High School’s Curtains and you will receive $2 off your ticket price at the door of Twin Valley MIDDLE School on Clymer Road! If you attend our show you can bring your playbill to Vagabond’s Cinderella and they as well are offering you a discount. We support the LOCAL DRAMA in the area this weekend. Break a leg!