Brandywine, Fleetwood and Kutztown candidates running for School Board


D and R= Party, followed by Length Of Term

Brandywine Heights School Board

D 2 Christine Macmillan

D & R 4 David Bieber

D & R 4 Travis Porr

D & R 4 Ellen Grossman


Kutztown School Board

D & R 4 Michael Hess 305

R 4 Patricia A. Bealer

D & R 4 Eric F. Johnson

Fleetwood School Board

D & R 4 Mark Todd Watkins

D & R 4 Jason Valick

R 4 Zack Moore

D & R 4 Kevin L. Manmiller 52

D & R 4 Michael D. Noll

D & R 4 Peter W. Miller

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