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Christine Havrilla and the Gypsy Fuzz to be at The State

By Rebecca Blanchard, The Boyertown Area Times

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

When Christine Havrilla noticed a local theatre near her native town has been hosting live performances, she immediately wanted to find out more. And in less than two weeks she will be hitting that stage, revitalizing her hometown fanbase.
That local theater is the Historic State Theatre of Boyertown.
Havrilla contacted Lori Speilman, Event Coordinator of The State Theatre, to find out how she and her band could set up a performance.
“There’s something cool about playing in old theaters, it’s a whole different experience,” said Havrille. “I love places that love music, and I’ll try anywhere once. Sometimes it can be pleasantly surprising.”
Havrilla, originally from Pottstown and a graduate of Pius, has family throughout the region including areas such as Phoenixville and Royersford.
“Past relationships will most likely come out of the woodwork, it’ll be really fun and like a reunion in a way.” She noted that she used to see movies at The State when she was in high school.
Boyertown isn’t that far from the city. It’s nice when venues can bring music to the people. Nice size and should offer a good energy
The local star moved to Portland, OR in 2010 for a change of scenery and chance for new relationships. While it’s been a little while since she’s visited the Philadelphia region, she makes an effort to visit for Northeast fans at least once a season.
Recently performed at Steel City, Phoenixville.
Self-taught from the age of 5 and growing up in a musical family, Havrilla is inspired by a wide range of musicians.
“It’s good for artists to identify in a certain genre,” said Havrilla, “But I’m inspired by so many different things. I value the fact that we can bring many influences into our music instead of forcing it into one genre.”
Havrilla places her music under the “Neofunkadelicfolkpoptwangrock” category.
“I like to keep it mixed up, it keeps us on our toes,” she said.
Christine Havrilla and Gypsy Fuzz will performing with Johnny Hazel on Friday, April 19 at The Historic State Theatre of Boyertown.