Brownie Troop #1759 learns horse care

Amanda and Erin feeding Sunny a carrot under the supervision of Rachel Harze.

Brownie Troop #1759 spent Saturday morning, March 23, at Lazy-Day Farm, owned by Ginny Harze, a Junior Girl Scout Leader, and Cliff Harze, also a member of Girl Scouts of Boyertown.

One of the activities needed to earn the Brownie Pet Badge was to visit a farm with horses and learn how to care for the animals.

The Harze’s daughter, Rachael, a student at Kutztown University and a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts, taught the girls the many aspects of having horses as pets.

The Scouts groomed a horse, which included using a brush, a shedding blade and a hoof pick. The girls had an opportunity to muck rake the stalls. Rachael also taught the girls how the horses communicate. The monthly cost of owning a horse was discussed with the Brownie Girl Scouts. Towards the end of their visit to the farm, the girls gave the horses carrots as a treat.


As an added bonus, the girls learned what is involved in raising chickens and Scottish Highlander cows, animals also found at the Lazy-Day Farm.