Bartram Breeze kicks off QUAD Games

Runners take off at the sound of air horn at the beginning of the Bartram Breeze on Saturday April 13.
Runners take off at the sound of air horn at the beginning of the Bartram Breeze on Saturday April 13.

The Bartram Breeze kicked off the 2013 Northern Berks QUAD Games on Saturday April 13.

Participants and spectators enjoyed the perfect running weather, cool with clear skies, and a breeze that seemed fitting for the race.

The flat and fast “Road” Races were a 10K Extreme Race and a 2K Family Race on the John Bartram Rail Trail starting at the Kernsville Dam Recreation Area. This year also features a 5K race that was not part of the QUAD Games, but for good middle distance runners who fell in between the two QUAD Games races. All races took place at the same time and on the same trail.

As the start time approached at 9 a.m., Race Committee member Gregg Adams who was easy to spot in a large fluffy neon green hat called the participants over to give out a safely talk. After the quick review of the race and safety precautions in place, runners and their cheering sections headed over to the start and finish line.


Extreme runners lined up at the front followed by the 5K runners and then the Family runners. With one last caution to watch out for animal droppings, the air horn sounded and the race began. Once the last runner crossed the starting line the volunteers put the green ribbon in place that was reset for the first runner in the three different races.

A few seconds over nine minutes brought in the first runner to cross the finish line and a steady flow began as the runners made their way back. The runners were clocked in on a computer and handed over the bottom part of their number tags that were then pinned on a board to keep track of results.

2K race winners by category and time: M1 Riley Achenbach at 11:54; F1 Katherine Sarnes at 11:28 (second was Mollie Sarnes at 12:30); M2 Mitchell Brett at 09:0; F2 Meghan Cook at 12:14; M4 Ryan Achenbach at 11:55; F4 Suzanne Kline at 17:14. Awards were only given for first place.

5K race winners with awards for top three in each category: M2 first place Kevin Cook at 25:12; M3 first place Sean Slater at 25:11 and second place Shawn Krause at 26:42; F3 first place Tiffany Lopez at 26:46, second place Tiffany Breneiser at 37:39 and third place Jennifer Weinman at 38:10; M4 first place Tom Beil at 25:14; F4 first place Anne Ostrowski at 25:49, second place Elaine Trout at 46:36 and third place Beth Slater at 46:37; F5 first place Nancy desGarennes at 34:27.

10K race winners with awards for top three in each category: M1 first place Nick Sturm at 36:04 and second place Delanie Heck-Hoppes at 47:42; F1 first place Greta Strunk at 1:07:39; M2 first place Michael Womelsdorf at 43:21; F2 first place Emily Stein at 1:08:18; M3 first place Daman Brossman at 38:06 and second place Chad Correll at 46:45; F3 first place Amy Sarnes at 43:28, second place Beth Bausher at 51:38 and third place Lisa Lasco at 56:43; M4 first place Jeff Karwacki at 37:59, second place Daniel Hagen at 44:51 and third place Burt Totz at 56:24; F4 first place Elaine Cook at 48:38, second place Shelby Brett at 53:17 and third place Amy Browder at 54:59; M5 first place Steven Stramara at 49:37, second place Bill Richie at 53:58 and third place David Kehler at 54:30; F5 first place Susan Ross at 58:10; M6 first place Mike Ranck at 47:43.

Each runner was cheered across the finish line by spectators and volunteers for the event. After the last runner crossed the finish line a hot lunch was provided by Pizza Como and leftover pastries from before the race by Dutch Maid were still available. Awards were given out as well as door prizes from raffles. Goodie bags were available for each registered participant. Music was provided by DJ Steel Thunder.

The next event in the QUAD Games is the “Mad Dash” 5-Mile Trail Race and 2.5K Family Trail Run at Hamburg Reservoir on Saturday May 18. To see all results and updates on future races visit