Candidate Q&A: Sandy Green for Kutztown Mayor

Sandy Green
Sandy Green

Where do you live? In the Borough of Kutztown

Position you are running for? Mayor, Borough of Kutztown

Experience? Completing my 2nd term (8th year) as the Mayor of Kutztown

Occupation? Manager, Berkleigh Travel Services, Kutztown


Reason for running? Back in 2005, my reason for running was to promote positive change. Im not finished and believe there is work to be done. Kutztown is a wonderful place to live, work and play; however, it is necessary to continue to work together finding solutions to increase the quality of life in our community.

What will you do if re-elected? The Borough of Kutztown and Kutztown University are inescapably tied together, what one does effects the other. Continuing my working relationship with Senator Judy Schwank, the PA Municipal League, the Mayors of the 14 State Universities in Pennsylvania, and other key stakeholders I will continue to provide opportunities for progress that will represent the best interest of Kutztown.

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