Thank you Hamburg School District

The following is a letter sent to Superintendent Steven Keifer that Yvette Salgado wished to share.

Dear Dr. Keifer,

I write to you today as a concerned family member. I would like to apologize to you in advance that this letter may be a little winded, but it just needs to be, to fully explain why Im so extremely proud of my school district.

My children are all alumni of the Hamburg Area School District. When I was younger, I had to move and start in a new school when it was already in session. I remember just how uncomfortable the whole process was for a student. It is because of that, that I always made sure my children never had to go through that. We always knew as parents that the move to Hamburg was best for our children, but it was never AS evident as it was yesterday morning.

In the recent days, my household has grown where I now have step-grandchildren, 3 to be exact. (One in the middle school and two in the elementary) and yesterday was their 1st day of school. They have just moved here from Indiana, because my son thought the best place for them to get a good education was Hamburg. I thought it was a good idea to accompany the mom, thinking the process of a new student was still the same. Hi, heres your teacher assignment, theres your class and good luck.


Instead...upon arrival to the middle school, we were greeted by both Mr. Buck and Dr. McGorry in the front of the school. In the office we were greeted with a warm, welcoming smile by Mrs. Schreiner, welcoming Justin to the middle school and further explaining that the guidance counselor would be up to see us to further explain the process. All concerns by the mom were answered immediately to put her at ease. The guidance counselor, as promised, met us and explained how Justin would be shadowing a student so that he can become acclimated to how things are done here. Tomorrow was to have some testing so as to see where he is academically. I was so impressed and proud at the same time. His official 1st day would be Monday, when he would be on his own. Mrs. Mell took him to his class and introduced him. Dont know if other districts do it this way, but Im glad my district does...I was put at ease and Im not even the mom.

Again, the same process transpired at Tilden elementary, with Mrs. Furnanage being as wonderful as can be. Again, mom had some concerns about her daughters health issues; that Mrs. Furnanage was kind enough to have the nurse speak to mom.

Lets just say that at the end of the day when we asked everyone how their day was, They all had a GREAT day and were looking forward to the days to come. A sigh of relief was in order for all of us, because all the kids were a bit apprehensive at the start of the day. We would like to thank everyone involved, for the smooth transition for these and all kids.


Yvette Salgado, resident of Hamburg