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Boyertown's Firefighter/EMS person of the year

By Rebecca Blanchard, The Boyertown Area Times

Monday, April 22, 2013

Many things can influence a person throughout their life, but it’s what that person does with those influences that can truly change their life—and the lives of others.
Ashley Neubauer, 28, Chief of Operations and an Emergency Medical Technician for Boyertown Lions Community Ambulance Service, Inc., has been selected as this year’s Firefighter/EMS person the year for her continued efforts and commitment to the Boyertown community.
As a teenager, Neubauer became a volunteer firefighter after years of watching her busy father, Charles Neubauer, Fire Chief of Friendship Hook and Ladder Company. Since then, she’s had several calls that have impacted her, making realize how dangerous the job can be.
“I’m so used to seeing a busy person and I like to be busy—why not spend time doing something good and something I enjoy? I take it with pride,” said Neubauer, in response to why she does what she does on a daily basis. “It’s also a major adrenaline rush and the circumstances are always different. If someone is saved, nothing else can compare to what that feels like.”
In pursuit to obtain her Paramedic certification by December 2013, she has recently enrolled in Paramedic School at the George E. Morkerk Emergency Medicine Institute.
“I’ve never stopped trying to learn and to stay fresh with skills; I avoid complacence, that when you get hurt or hurt someone else,” said Neubauer.
As an active volunteer firefighter with the Friendship Hook and Ladder Fire Company in Boyertown for the past 10 years, she continues to learn in order to stay fresh and up to date with the constant advances in her field.
According to Neubauer, in addition to helping others—she has also always had an interest in teaching. She is certified as a Local Level Non-Suppression Instructor for the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy, an Emergency Medical Services Instructor for the Pennsylvania Department of Health and, as of September 2012, she is an instructor for the American Heart Association.
“CPR saves, and it proves that the things that you learn actually work. You can do something. I like to pass that message along to students and tell them to take things seriously.”
Neubauer is a 2003 graduate of Boyertown Area Senior High School and a 2007 graduate of Reading Area Community College.