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Kutztown Outstanding Citizenship Award ceremony postponed, honoree taken to hospital

By SeanMcDermott, For Journal Register News Service

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Kutztown Oustanding Citizenship Award ceremony scheduled Saturday evening honoring Dick Wagner, founder of the Kutztown Community Choir, was postponed after Wagner suffered a fall on his way to the event.
Wagner was transported to the hospital but there was no further word on his condition Saturday night.
Wagner was to receive the St. Barnabas Episcopal Church’s Kutztown Outstanding Citizenship Award for his contribution to the Kutztown community and work with the Kutztown Community Choir. Wagner founded the choir in 1968 and has since served as its only director. Only three members from the original choir remain as participants, Wagner, with his wife, Jean, and choir member June DeTurk.
St. Barnabas Senior Warden Chuck Brown informed the gathered crowd that Wagner experienced a dizzy spell and fell on his way to the car to travel to the event. Wagner’s pastor led the assembled crowd in a brief prayer for Wagner.
The ceremony will be rescheduled.