Amity to begin work on Daniel Boone Homestead sewer

The Amity Township Board of Supervisors unanimously approved on April 17 a resolution for the township to design and locate a sewer line connection for the Daniel Boone Homestead, Exeter Township.

The new public sewer line would connect with Amity’s line at Valley Road and replace the homestead’s on-lot failing septic system.

Board Chairperson Kimberly J. McGrath and Supervisor Richard L. Gokey were absent from the meeting.

The state’s Department of General Services has asked Amity Township to construct the line for the homestead, along Daniel Boone Road and which is adjacent to the township boundary line with Exeter.


The state will reimburse Amity’s engineering, construction and material costs.

Township Manager Charles E. Lyon said at the April 3 meeting that Exeter Township will pay the regular sewer bill expenses.

An Amity board member said the homestead’s connection with Exeter’s sewer lines would have been cost prohibitive requiring three pumping stations and one mile of sewer line.

While Amity Township works to acquire a right-of-way, engineer, construct, and dedicate the line, it is still waiting on the state Department of Environmental Protection to grant a permit for upgrading a pump station and a half-mile of sewer lines on Old Swede Road.

Repairs to the pump station and sewer line would permit construction to begin at the 72-unit Arbor Green age targeted community, Old Swede and Pine Forge roads.

Sewer module and land development plan approval have also been halted at the proposed 351-unit apartment plan at the 118-acre Leaf Creek Farms, Pine Forge Road, and the Blacksmith Subdivision, Old Swede at Blacksmith Road.

Richard I. Hart, Jr., president of Richard I. Hart Insurance Agency, Reading, a part of the Keystone Insurers Group, delivered Amity Township’s sixth annual insurance dividend check on April 17.

Hart credited the issuance of the $62,111.13 insurance dividend check to Amity’s excellent low loss ratio and a result of the township’s “excellent management and focus in risk management.”

Township Secretary/Treasurer JoAnne Sowers Smith said that River Bridge Road will be closed May 6 for two years while both bridge spans are repaired.

Board Vice Chairman Robert R. Yanos said the township has received a “faulty Facility Use Application Permit” from a person connected with the Pennsylvania Black Sox Youth Baseball Team, Douglassville.

The township approved Feb. 20 to draft a child protection policy that would protect the children who visit its parks and other facilities against sexual predators.

“There are some things here that parents want to check into and be aware of,” said Yanos, adding, “We need to look at the next application that comes in from this individual.”

“It’s not the township’s children, but parents should check with the organization before they send their kids there,” said Yanos on Feb. 20.