Grocery store chain could bring 80 jobs to Birdsboro

Hopes for a grocery store in Birdsboro may be coming a reality.

“I am cautiously optimistic that in the not too distant future that we are going to be able to buy our food at a store here in town,”Mayor Robert M. Myers stated at the May 6 Borough Council meeting. It has been about two years since the Birdsboro Market closed, and the Mayor is fervently convinced that the store would succeed.

Myers was awestruck by the feedbackfor the petition in support of the store.The petition currently has 1,334 signatures and that number is growing.

Myers said that only two of the people that he has approached have said “no” to signing, however one of the two said they would shop at the store.


While the name of the store was not revealed, the mayor stated it is a regional store chain. “One grocery store got back to me and said ‘Birdsboro is a pretty interesting place.’ a regional chain and is renowned for its customer service and it is a full service grocery store,” the mayor told council.

The mayor informed council that the company had been out for a site visit about two weeks ago.The president of the grocery store chain was there, and echoed his earlier interest in locating a store in Birdsboro. The mayor mentioned that the existing structure of the Birdsboro Market is small. Some walls may need to be torn down to accommodate the new store.

“I think he is genuinely interested in locating grocery here in Birdsboro,” said Myers.“I am so confident of that because he and his leadership team are coming back for another site visit. He is bringing his facilities engineer, the person responsible for land acquisition and one of his suppliers... this is going to be happening soon.”

Myers asked the president of the grocery chain what kind of employment the store would bring to Birdsboro. He was told flatly eighty jobs.

The mayor emphasized the importance of this project, wanting everyone to work together and put aside their philosophical and political differences for the importance to the community. Mayor Myers contacted State Senator Judy Schwank to invite her to the second site visit.While she is not able to attend, she wrote a letter stating that her and her staff would be ready to help in anyway including assisting in the primary review of permits or researching the appropriate economic development resources.

“I am very happy to report here tonight that there have been some very positive steps,” said the mayor.