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Oley Valley's Rachel Hartman to play field hockey at La Salle University

By Phil Hadded, For 21st Century Media

Friday, May 10, 2013

Now, that Oley Valley High School senior Rachel Hartman’s field hockey career has ended, she will travel to the City of Brotherly Love to continue her field hockey at LaSalle University.
Hartman will admit that the process took a while for her, because she wasn’t sure where she wanted to go. Hartman spoke to as many coaches as she could, then narrowed her choices down. “I just fell in love with LaSalle,” said Hartman. “They made me an offer and I wanted to go there.”
Rachel gives a lot of credit to her high school coach Tiffany Capallano for helping her through the process of trying to find the right college, as well as making her the player she is today.
“I don’t think I’d be where I am with out her,” said Hartman.
She had a difficult time deciding which school to attend, but when it was all said and done, it all came together and LaSalle was where she wanted to go.
“After I visited the campus, I was 100% sure that I wanted to go there,” said Hartman.
There were several things that drew Hartman to LaSalle. Rachel knew that they had a good nutrition program was one of the big reasons why she decided to go there.
“That’s what I was looking for before I looked for a field hockey program,” said Hartman. “I knew they had a good field hockey program as well, so I pursued the coaches. I was lucky to find a school with good nutrition and field hockey programs.”
It was Rachel meeting the team that really sold her on going to LaSalle. They answered all the questions that she had about the school and the team.
The jump from high school athletics to college athletics is huge, especially when you’re going to play a Division 1. The game is much faster and the athletes are stronger. That’s something that Hartman has to get use to.
“I’m nervous, but I’m excited to go there and start a new chapter in my life,” said Hartman. “I’m going to meet new people and wonder what it’s like not having your parents there to depend on. I have to become responsible.
She feels that she’ll be able to contribute her first year at LaSalle for the Explorers. “I want to be a big part of the team to take them to win games,” said Hartman. “Even if I don’t play my first year, I’m going to work hard just to get there my second, third and fourth years.”
Rachel’s excited to start the next chapter of her life at La Salle. “I’m excited to play with a different team and a different feel for how coaching is,” said Hartman. “I’m excited to just see what it’s like to experience D-1 sports and the whole atmosphere of the college experience.”