Local student finishes second in Flyers shootout contest

Joey Temoyan
Joey Temoyan

PHILADELPHIA — Spring-Ford Area School District sixth grader Joey Temoyan is used to scoring goals.

This past season with the Valley Forge Colonials, he netted 18 on his way to becoming the team’s points leader.

But none of those goals were in front of as many people as those he scored in the “Youth Hockey Shootout” contest hosted by the Philadelphia Flyers between the second and third periods of their home games at the Wells Fargo Center this season.

“It was really awesome,” Temoyan, 12, said of the experience. “I would get a little nervous, but it got a little easier as I went along.”


After winning the Colonials’ shootout contest in practice, Temoyan went on to compete at three different Flyers’ games.

The contest was set up like a tournament and at the third game, the Flyers’ final home tilt April 25 against the Islanders, Temoyan competed in the finals with his goalie teammate Aidan McCabe.

Each shooter was allowed three attempts.

Temoyan, who plays right wing and center, said he usually doesn’t think too much about what he’s going to do.

“I think, ‘Just try to score,’” he said. “I make it up, like, right there.”

In the championship, Temoyan scored on his first attempt but hit the post on his second and had his third shot saved.

Luckily, McCabe also only let in one goal.

Before he’d gone on the ice, it was decided that if there was a tie, Temoyan would get one last shot. If he scored, he won. If he didn’t, he lost.

Unfortunately, his shot missed the net and Temoyan had to settle for second place.

Still, the experience was one the young man relished.

He was able to see some of the Flyers walk by as he took the ice.

“It was really cool,” Temoyan said. “They’re really tall.”

Additionally, he saw “The Hound,” Bob Kelly twice, once even getting to shake hands with the man famous not only for his gritty play with the Flyers but having a vice-like grip.

With the shootout contest behind him, Temoyan is already looking forward to the two spring leagues he’s set to play in.

“We’re trying to get ice slots to start practicing,” he said.

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