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Caernarvon moves ahead with wastewater management

By Tory Lingg , For 21st Century Media

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

LANCASTER COUNTY – At the May 6 meeting of the Caernarvon Township Board of Supervisors, it was announced that a public meeting is planned for June 17 to provide information to residents about new requirements issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection regarding wastewater management. The meeting is will be held at the Caernarvon fire hall starting at 7 pm.
Township Engineer John Roche said there are fewer funds available from the state government to help municipalities pay for wastewater mandates. Roche referred to the new impending regulations as unfunded mandates. The costs will be passed on to the property owners on an individual basis.
The costs of stormwater management will also become the responsibility of the property owner. The costs of fees from stormwater management and on lot sewage systems will be reviewed and amended. The funds obtained from the fees will reimburse the Sewage Enforcement Officer, said Chairman Gary VanDyke.
A sum of about $61,588 will be transferred from the Land Preservation Fund to the Historic Poole Forge Stream Bank restoration fund to pay for engineering fees.
The annual Churchtown Memorial Day Parade is planned for 7 p.m. on May 27. Activities will begin at 4 p.m. with refreshments at the fire company, with the New Holland Band and the elementary school bands participating. Flowers will be placed at the graves of veterans at the Bangor Church and at the Churchtown Methodist Cemetery.
An update on activities at the Elanco Library was provided by Scott Risser. The library, which is located behind the New Holland Park next to Garden Spot Village, has partnered with the new Holland Band and instrumentalists among elementary aged children to provide “Music on Main” on the main street in Hew Holland. There will be an art show for artistically minded Middle School students to show off their creations. There are about 35 events on the calendar for 2013. Posters will be placed in public places to promote awareness to all of the activities that are available at the library.
The library is also making efforts to raise awareness of literary achievements by promoting a t-shirt. The logo on the t-shirt alludes to the fact that it is cool to learn.
Participation in activities sponsored by public libraries has increased, said Risser. Overall participation in 2013 is 33 percent higher than in 2012 and 87 percent higher than 2011. There are programs available for adults, children and teens. The Elanco Library provided services for 761 children in March. There will be a rally for public support for the library at the opening day of the New Holland Farmers Market on May 25 at Franklin Street.
Sharon Krock has been appointed as Host Municipal Inspector. She will make routine inspections of landfill activities and will keep an eye on certain issues to make certain there are no violations or breakdowns in the system. Roche and Todd Geltmacher will serve as Alternate Host Municipal inspectors.
Zoning concerns being reviewed are a waiver for a subdivision for Edwin Zimmerman, final subdivision plans for Horace Helm on Wertztown Road, a lot add-on for Earl Martin and a lot add-on of 2.8 acres for Twin Valley Bible Chapel.
Martin’s Tire and Alignment is requesting permission to locate an electronic sign at the business location along Route 10.The sign will be used for civic information and on current promotions. The Planning Commission has suggested that the sign should only be used for business information. Chairman Gary VanDyke said there has been some concern from the public about the digital electronic sign at the Caernarvon Fire Department because of the fact that it is along the Conestoga Ridge Scenic Byway.
Hershey Motors has asked to be connected to public sewer system. More details will be required before further action takes place, stated VanDyke.
The traffic volume exiting from the new Turkey Hill to Swamp Road and on to Route 23 has turned out to be much more than expected said Roche. There are some safety concerns. Some of the traffic volume may be seasonal but the traffic signal may need adjustment to provide for better access to Route 23.
The Scenic Overlook is open to the public on Sundays said Bob Watts, general manager of the Lanchester Landfill.
The Welsh Mountain Preserve has obtained more land within its boundaries from private landowners. There are now over 900 acres within the Preserve, said Van Dyke.
About 11 acres of a farm owned by the Garmans on Bridgeville Road has been included in the Ag Security zone said Van Dyke. The remainder of the farm is in East Earl Township.
Residents living in the area of the intersection of Brown and Turkey Hill Roads have again complained about speeding vehicles and vehicles going through the stop signs without stopping. The State Police will be patrolling the intersection, and the municipal road crew has removed brush at the intersection to enable motorists to see what is approaching the stop signs.
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